Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars video

Suits my mood at the moment. Very melancholy and yuck. Hormonal plus a head cold and the beginnings of an ear infection. The kids have been grumpy with each other, the dishwasher is acting up and Christmas Shopping is around the corner (can you say gift cards?) and I hate shopping period. To quote my favorite book character, Alexander: "It is a horrible, no good, very bad day." Can I get some chocolate now? And perhaps a glass of wine? Would you just lay with me Rob and forget the world (and the children fighting outside the door)?


Aunty Evil said...


The dishwasher isn't working properly?????

Get it fixed NOW!!!!!


I am hyperventilating.

Do NOT tell me stuff like that without prior warning!

Oh yeah, sorry about the rest of the stuff too...

Stomper Girl said...

Poor love. Hope you feel better soon.

bluemountainsmary said...

Dear HA

Come back soon - some one has taken you over. Someone I very much understand and can relate to but she must have had enough chocolate now.

Poor HA.

Fairlie said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day. (Gawd...that sounds like something that should be written on a floral greetings card.)Just go get chocolate. Better still...send Rob for chocolate.

kirsty said...

Have more wine. And some "cheer me up I feel crappy" sex. And eat more chocolate.

There. Better?

tracey petersen said...

Push everyone out the door, then quickly change the locks.

That is my fantasy when I feel like that. Some time alone.

MyUtopia said...

Interesting video. Dishwashers are very important.

precious pink pumps said...

Wine, wine and more wine. I do a very good champagne sorbet. Just ask Sussanah - she was still seedy two days later. It makes everything ok. I think I wanna be a lush when I grow up. Just drink a lot and call people to "fix things".

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