Thursday, November 22, 2007


I may have mentioned in my profile that I love virtually all types of music with little exception. You will NOT however, find Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys on my iPod. Because truly, that's not music. It is manufactured, hyped crap.

What is on my iPod? The new one Rob bought me for Christmas and then asked if I wanted to wait until Christmas to open it. Right. Ms. Impatient isn't into waiting. So the ipod is open and in use. You will find the following eclectic selections on my tiny silver rectangle of musical genius....

Jackson Browne's "Lawyers in Love" .... just for fun. What song lampoons 80's excess better than this? And who can resist a good "ooooooooooo sh la la oooooooooooo" and a lyric like: "The Russians escaped while we weren't watching them, like Russians will."

"Whisper Your Name" by Harry Connick, Jr. Who is my second choice behind Rob for perfect man. The man has an absolutely lovely New Orleans accent, a beautiful smile and he can actually play the piano in true brilliant jazz fashion. Did you know that some singers actually have musical talent? I know.... shocking. I am fascinated with music that explores culture and Jazz is so full of life, experience and heritage.

A little 60's nod with "These Boots Are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra. Love the guitar funk in this one. And a song with go go boots.... what more can I say.

"Ribbons Undone" by Tori Amos. Such a beautiful song. A celebration of daughters. I relate to it on many levels.... as a daughter and as a mother. For me it just invokes some wonderful timeless imagery of innocence and love.

Soon to be added: AC/DC's Thunderstruck (to make the household chores more bearable) and Pavarotti (because his voice is divine), Ella Fitzgerald's version of Baby It's Cold Outside and Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues. Did I mention I have eclectic music tastes?

What are uListening to on your iPod?


Stomper Girl said...

Umm, ....... Britney? Don't mind me a bit of Toxic.

My high rotation of the week is Music for a Found Harmonium, gorgeous!

tracey petersen said...

Lots of Australian stuff. Jebidiah, British India, Gyroscope, Silverchair, Red Riders...

Plenty of loud rock and a bit of punk. I hate a wussy song (except Delilah by plain white Ts. Wussy and beautiful)

I HATE any song to which you can't sing along.

bluemountainsmary said...

OK this is a bit weird but with the exception of ACDC who I never liked my ipod contains pretty much every singer you have nominated.

I love Ella's version of Baby It's Cold Outside.

Melinda said...

Mary, we obviously have similar tastes.... Eddie Izzard, So I Married an Axe Murderer and now some tunes. Might I say you have GOOD tastes? I love Ella period.

Aunty Evil said...

I don't have an iPod, am I a dag or what?

I approve of Nancy, definitely one of the biggest classics ever.

I'm more of a Michael Buble girl than Harry. Michael has the cutest smile, the smoothest voice and is just...the thinking girl's fantasy.

You won't just rock the house with Thunderstruck. You will get the whole neighbourhood jumping! Good ol' Aussie flavour there, pleased to see.

I'm with Stomper though. I kind of like Britney. I don't approve of her parenting methods, of course, but some of her stuff before she went all baldy was kind of good.

And finally, yay to the big JC (Johnny Cash). I grew up listening to him, mum was a huge fan, and the movie just re-ignited it all for me. I love Ring of Fire, have been known to have one from time to time after a good Indian curry...ohh sorry, I digress.

Fairlie said...

Songs by Mika, Operator Please, KT Tunstall, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Fedde le Grand, TV Rock, Royal Gigolos, Lily Allen...all on high rotation Chez Fairlie (we share a playlist).

I don't actually have an iPod myself, but we have one of those speaker/docking things in the living room so I get to hear all Queenie and The Poolboy's choices.

M said...

Ah the iPod that window to your music-listening soul.

Mine has playlists for all members of the household so we have everything from refugee from the 70s stuff (Firegazer) to superhero theme music (Padawan Learner) to current hits to DAVID BOWIE and U2 and even Hannah Montana (KelpieBlossom) and a fair inclusion of classical, classics etc.

Would certainly be an unusual mix if I ever simply put it on shuffle...

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