Thursday, February 25, 2010


*has schedule an appointment for a cut, color, and eyebrow maintenance...3 months overdue.

*is having a love affair with the movie 500 Days of Summer... particularly the gorgeous vintage frocks and music Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths, anyone?

*complains about the cold but will be equally cranky about the hot two months from now.

*as ever, is unorganized, and can't find: nail clippers, tweezers, a stack of completed thank you cards, OR my brown argyle socks.

*has children who have mud puddle radar and can find one and wallow in it on the sunniest of days.

*which means her washing machine could go on strike at any moment.

*doesn't wanna... workout, have salad for lunch, give up chocolate, do the laundry, or clean out the closet.

*is living such an exciting life that the highlight of the week thus far was the fact that toilet paper was on sale.

*thinks the Olympics aren't nearly as fun without the USSR to root against.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Indeed!

Kid quote: "The best day ever!"

Dad quote: "Snow is like an amusement ride; you get on, enjoy, get off and go home."

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It might,just might, MAYBE snow tomorrow evening.

My children are over the moon with excitement.

Fingers and toes crossed that they get their very first snowfall.

The last time it snowed I was in college and had to drive to my history class. Quite brave of me to sludge through 1/2 an inch of snow and twenty degree weather so I could be the ONLY person who showed up.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life is Like

(oh you thought I was going to say 'a box of chocolates' didn't' you)?

I was thinking more like a really fast merry-go-round that never stops, even when you feel like you're going to be sick.

Dear dad of the recent 'Daddy' post went in on Thursday for a heart catherization and was quickly bustled to Savannah in the ambulance. Three arteries that were 70-80% blocked required a triple bypass surgery early Friday morning. He did really well and should come home tomorrow! It is stunning to me that someone could have heart surgery on Friday and be ready for discharge on Tuesday. The six weeks of taking it easy that are prescribed post-surgery will be harder than the surgery itself.

Abby is leaning to ride her bike... without the training wheels! What?! Already? She has it mostly mastered in a hang-on for dear life way and has a tendency to steer to the left.... meaning our down the driveway beginnings find their arcing journey's end in the backyard. She grins the whole time and pedals like a mad woman.

J.T. should begin guitar lessons this month if we can sort out our schedules and would like to sign-up for baseball in the spring. Abby is pestering us for dance lessons. Fitting in extracurricular activities and homework and meals, etc. is quite the challenge! I have no idea how my mother managed with four of us.... baton twirling, football, piano, band practice...

The car has done the now that it's paid off I must break something routine. Twice. At a price tag of $1,000. Abby's tubal ligation bill came. Without listing the portion paid by our health insurance. Which necessitated several phone calls and navigation of the automated phone system loop. I might have muttered an ugly word or twelve while on eternal "please hold".

Last night we had the most gorgeous pink sunset. It made the merry-go-round ride slow down. Just for a bit.

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