Monday, November 5, 2007

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit!

Or, Abby paints with, you guessed it, butter!

The artist is branching out in her search for unique mediums for her art. Saturday was the pinnacle. I, suffering from an injured foot, was in the den with my foot propped up on pillows, resting. Not realizing until way too late that Abby was very quiet. And that the sounds of playdoh smushing and squishing had ceased. And certainly not remembering that I had left a stick of butter softening in a bowl to make tea cakes later. Once it dawned on me that the Artist was being unusually quiet (we've discussed this before, quiet is NOT a good thing when it comes to Abby), I called for her. Trying to leave my sore foot in place. She appears with fingers coated in what I thought was yogurt.

Me: "Abby, do you have yogurt on your hands?"

Abby: "No I don't. It's the stuff you make the cookies with."

Me: "BUTTER! You've got the Butter!

It wasn't pretty. You'll just have to live with my descriptions of a butter covered fridge, butter painted stove and cookie sheet and big blobs of the stuff all over the floor. I didn't take pictures. This is an art form I do not wish to encourage. So now, in addition to hiding crayons, petroleum jelly, pudding, markers, pencils, Sharpies, glue and soap.... we have to hide the butter.

So Aunty, if you're interested in a french fry trade....


Tracey Petersen said...

At least you know that nothing will stick to your fridge or stove.

crafty said...

I have to hide the butter too. Mine don't paint with it though, just take bites out of it.

(PS. Thanks for your prayers Melinda, I'm starting to feel silly for turning the comments off, I just didn't feel right about blogging about the whole thing, not my story, though we are distressed, it can't compare to what the immediate family is dealing with)

M said...

I think butter would be FABULOUS medium to paint with.

Fairlie said...

I think I can help you upsize that deal for Aunty. For the price of two large french fries she can get not just Abby, but The Impossible Princess too.

We also have to keep the butter out of reach (and moisturisers, make-up, kitty litter, lipbalm, soaps and talc powder - all of which she has been known to spread around with her mitts).

Aunty Evil said...

No thanks, I don't want your brats.

MY child will be obedient, sweet natured, say please and thank you, and never make a mess...well, they will make a mess, but always clean up after themselves.

Stomper Girl said...

Melinda I think you need to timewarp back to the day Abby first drew on a medium that wasn't paper and screech at her so much your head exploded so she was too frightened to ever do it again.

bluemountainsmary said...

I am breathing a sigh of relief that those days are slowly becoming a memory for me.

Although Margot being only five there can still be lapses.

Sue xx said...

I am laughing because it didn't happen at my place! She obviously was just testing out different textures!

Melinda said...

Oh Aunty, Aunty, Aunty. Are there enough recessive genes in your pool to create this wonder-child? Hm?

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