Saturday, November 24, 2007


The key to harmony is: separate seats. We put Abby in the middle and J.T. in the back. It also helps if at least one of them is sleeping. With this arrangement we hear much less of the following:

"She hit me!"
"He hit me first!"
"Well she started it!"
"J.T. took my toy!"
"Abby is throwing things at me!"

And they hear less of this:

"I said Stop!"
"Don't make me stop the car!"
"Why can't you BE QUIET!!" (ironically said very loudly)
"Please. Please. Please. Stop."
"(insert various muttered ugly words here)"


bluemountainsmary said...

Perhaps we are related? Same initials too.

And same way of dealing with disharmony in the car.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.....

Aunty Evil said...

Trust you to take the boring option. Why not just let em go at it and be done with it? :)

precious pink pumps said...

I tried that....but Aria wanted to sit in the third row but she can't because her car seat, which is the birth to 4 kind, cannot be moved so easily and must stay in the second row for when we want to use the third row for other it starts a whole other debate. BUT I am glad it's working for you. Quiet in the car is a good thing. Enjoy. x

M said...

I wish I could separate mine like that. We had WWIII just getting to the Blue Mountains and back this weekend.

Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Team SAK said...

One of the few benefits of having an only child is no back seat fighting in the car. Just front seat between passenger and driver!

caramaena said...

Had to laugh at the words "be quiet" being said very loudly. Chickie was mucking around in the bath last night shouting the word "silence" a the top of his voice. No idea why exactly...

Fairlie said...

We only have the option of separating via the middle seat - which means both are still within reach of each other.

Your commentary should be a on a CD. I'd pop it into the CD player and save my own voice, cause it's exactly what I say.

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