Friday, November 30, 2007


We do have some odd ones at our house. Conversations I mean. Not people. Okay, maybe we have both.

J.T. and I have written the Santa Letter. He has asked for a Star Wars Lego Star Destroyer, (which means I will be picking little bits out of the soles of my feet for the foreseeable future)Barricade and/or Brawl (Transformer toys), and a Sponge Bob video game. He says this video game is called "Sponge Bob Honesty II". Rob told him he didn't know if that was a real video game. J.T. said: "Yes it is! It's rated E for everyone." He has also created an imaginary toy he wants Santa to make for him. We're thinking of an excuse for that one. We may need the full month to come up with something. Santa ran out of parts? We didn't get our order in on time??

I did ask Abby what she wanted to ask Santa to bring her, but we didn't get very far. She wants an animal rabbit (not happening... unless it's stuffed), candy corn, blue candy (?), and..... wait for it..... butterbeans. For you non-southerners, butterbeans are small lima beans. We cook them in salted water with black pepper and a ham hock for seasoning. Abby loves them. How I'm going to work that into her stocking...., ugh.

Of course my darling Rob would have to be included in a post about odd conversations. Not that you're odd dear. I am forever asking he and J.T. to turn down the music, or turn down the TV. Very fuddy duddy of me, I know. Rob swears he's going to have that printed on my tombstone: "Turn it down!" I said that very thing tonight, followed by: "So what are you going to put on my tombstone?" Rob: "Ding, dong...."



Tracey Petersen said...

That's a man who doesn't want to live long!!

Aunty Evil said...

You know, after a comment like that, when he starts getting frisky tonight, all you have to do is say "sorry Rob, I'm turning you down!"

M said...

I'm thinking JT and Padawan Learner would get along fine. He has on his Santa list:

Scorponok (transformer)
Transformer Video Game
Soccer Goles (his spelling)

He would SO go for a Star Wars Lego Destroyer (and so would his dad) if given half the chance. I'm surprised it's not on his list.

Funnily enough there are no butterbeans on either of my children's lists...

Frogdancer said...

I had the rule (still do, I suppose, even though my kids are way past believing in Santa) that it's ok to ask for anything for Christmas. Just ask for a wide range, because Santa never gives you EVERYTHING you ask for.
So I always had a bit of leeway when it came to buying toys.

This year it's 2 ipods and 2 digital cameras, and 4 sleeping bags. As they get older the presents get fewer but by gum! They get more expensive.
(Thanks for your comment, btw.)

Melinda said...

Aunty, are you saying that if Rob wants to "hang the curtains" or "clean the rugs" I should say no?

m, we already have Scorponok and J.T. has been banned from the computer for trying to hack it like he saw Frenzy do in the movie! I suspect he will be a computer/Star Wars geek just like his father. I mean that as a compliment Rob. I'd much rather have a geek than a jock.

frogdancer.... the teenage years make me nervous enough, I'd forgotten that all the gifts get more expensive! Perhaps I should begin saving now?

Team SAK said...

Melinda- more importantly what is on your Santa list?

Sussanah said...

You can join my class action against Lego for pain and suffering incurred when stepping on those little sharp bits in the middle of the night! We'll make millions!

Stomper Girl said...

Apparently Santa needs to deliver Dino Attack Lego to cripple our bare feet this year. Haven't asked the 4-year-old yet, this will be his first time to really know what's going on which is exciting. Pretty sure butter beans won't be on his list either though. Has Abby not heard of Barbie?

caramaena said...

Sounds like J.T. and Chickie would get along fine - Chickie is all about the star wars lego this year. There are no non star wars related things on his list!

bluemountainsmary said...

My kids are easy this year - it's all about microscopes and inexpensive accoustic guitars and a My Little Pony something or other.

I suspect your mother's good health would be top of your wish list this year. x

Fairlie said...

My girls are really struggling to come up with lists this year - birthdays towards the end of the year tend to mean that they've just received what they wanted, and haven't had a chance to regroup and work out the next lot.

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