Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rob and the City

My dear, sweet Rob had to travel from our small town of Statesboro (population: 40,000) to "the City" (population: 434,900) this week for a Conference.

As part of the conference package, he got a free trip to the Georgia Aquarium (currently the world's largest) but discovered that 5,000 people had also chosen to take advantage of this perk at the same time.... it was literally wall-to-wall people. Rob left early. On the way back to the World Congress Center, my dear, sweet Rob was approached by a rather large panhandler, which scared the bejeezees out of him and asked "if he had any change?" Of course, he handed over some cash.

He gets lost and partners with another conference attendee (from Japan) to find his way back. Once he gets back to the WCC, he learns that the free shuttle service has been shut down for the evening and he has to take a cab back to the Hilton.

Since he is now not interested in leaving the hotel, he orders a $15 hamburger and fries from the room service menu. $15 hamburger and fries plus $4 coke he thought was included, plus delivery fee and 21% gratuity ends up costing him$28.

He decides to peruse the TV selection list and discovers that, even at the Hilton, you can order Pornocopia. You'd think they'd be showing Paris' movie instead.

The next morning, Rob decides to check out the shops in the lobby.... and gets approached by a panhandler. He spends the rest of his week going straight to and from the conference and then holed up in his room, eating cheese crackers and soft drinks we packed in his suitcase. He says we will NEVER live in the city and that, for right now, we aren't even going back for a visit!

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Sussanah said...

Hotel food is like Airport food it is coated in gold that's why you have to take a seond mortgage to eat it.

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