Saturday, June 16, 2007

Up Hill, Both Ways, In the Snow!

Remember when your parents gave you that line? Or something similar. The "When I was your age, I had to walk to school, up hill, both ways, in the snow, barefoot, lugging a sack of books bigger than I was" or "You should be grateful, I never had......"

My grandparents were teenagers during the Great Depression, so they had some really good ones about having no shoes and eating cold biscuits for three meals a day and lugging water in from the well. My parents' stories were kind of iffy, especially if heard shortly after the depression era comments. Things about wearing rollers to bed to achieve the current hairstyle and having two television channels.

My kids aren't old enough for me torture them with such stories yet, but I am pondering what I will say. I think it will be total crap. My sister had this one for her 14 year old. "Don't complain about cutting the grass with the riding lawnmower, I had to cut our grass with a push mower when I was your age!" Total crap. Worse than our parents' horrible lines. Mobile? We didn't even have a cordless when I was your age! Video Game? I had to go to the arcade when I was your age! New computer? I had to hack out my term paper on an electric typewriter you ingrate.... appreciate your spell check and your grammatik.

Well, at least I have a few yours to work on my story. If I had to hear, so are they! The little ingrates. My parents, tellers of tall tales about their childhoods, are pictured above.


Rachael said...

Lol. I remember thinking because I had my eldest boy quite young that we would grow together and always like similar things. Yeah right, it was only last week that I used
the line " When I was young, the music that I listened to had words, and artists actually played instuments instead of just pressing buttons!! Nothing like the stuff you listen to know."

Rachael said...

his response.. well that was a looong time ago , the music is much better know. Smarty!

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