Friday, June 8, 2007


Vacation Time! Rob and I actually managed to get the same week off! And I have the next week off too. BUT J.T. has swim lessons everyday of those two weeks. AND my mother has "volunteered" (really more like insisted) that she come over to help me "organize" my closets. Summer clothes on this side, winter on the other, if you haven't worn it in a year it has to be thrown out (including the skinny jeans I'm 20 pounds.... okay 30 pounds.... and 2 children too late to get back into barring the drastic steps mentioned in previous post). Not looking very promising for reading, relaxing and recharging is it?

BUT, we are going to Savannah on Wednesday, the 13th for shopping and a nice dinner (please let there be some great sales on..... I need new shoes desperately. I'm at the point I'm considering stapling to keep the soles on my favorite pair of slides. I spilled mustard on my favorite (white, of course) shirt, so I need a new one of those and I think the elastic is about to go in about half of my underwear. Rob, of course, will not be spending money on clothes, but will instead stock up on music and dvds. He does not consider clothes a spending splurge.... he relies on his mother to provide those necessary items at Christmas and on his birthday .... even though he's 34 and thinks that clothes make crappy gifts. If I purchase clothes for any gift-giving occasion it is considered grounds for divorce. I will be confiscating his wallet and credit card before he enters the electronics store and is mesmerized by the large screen, flat-panel, super-expensive televisions on which he can optimally view sports and movies.

AND My best friend is bringing her kids over one day and we are all going to get in the pool and splurge on pizzas and ice cream for lunch. Wouldn't it be great if I could have the pool to myself with a nice big float to relax on and a nice cool drink in my hand? Not gonna happen. Sigh.... I'm thinking we'll leave Rob with the kids and have a girls day out. He says it's not a vacation if he has to babysit (honey, it's not babysitting when their your kids).

Here's to a peaceful (please, please, please) vacation.


Tracey Petersen said...

I have followed you from your funny comments on the soozadoo blog.
I need new clothes too. We are having our one week of winter right now and my long sleeves stuff is all at least four years old! Enjoy your break.

precious pink pumps said...

welcome to the blogging world. I followed your comments from Soozadoo and was excited to see you are from the south! I have two very close friends who live in Georgia and my hubby and i were very fortunate to spend some time there in 2000.
I love that your son said he was 'exhausted'...reminds me of the things my six year old boy says. THey are amazing, huh?

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