Tuesday, June 12, 2007

These Kids I love....

sometimes they make me crazy! Since I am on vacation this week, I was reminded of an event that took place last year while I was on vacation.

While I was doing the never-ending laundry, Abby (who was almost 2) snuck into J.T.'s room and got into the Vick's Vapor Rub that was on top of his dresser. She walks into the den rubbing her hands together and Rob says, "What is that shiny stuff in her hair?" And then the smell hit us. Our sweet little girl had just styled her hair with almost an entire jar of Vick's. Rob is googling Vick's to figure out if we need to call poison control (because of course, she also got it in her eyes), while I am using a whole bottle of shampoo in an attempt to get it out of her hair. Give me chewing gum in the hair anyday. Anything but a petroleum based product. I went through half a bottle of dish detergent and we didn't go anywhere for four days with our greasy-headed, white-trash looking child.

And just a few weeks ago, my high school Biology teacher told J.T. she loved his thick hair. She complained because her hair is too thin and J.T. says: "Maybe when you get to heaven you can get some bunny rabbit hair."

Come on... I know my kids aren't the only ones.... so share please! And believe me, this is only one of many, many examples of their devilish behavior.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy! I don't envy you having to get the vicks out. When my husband was four he upended an entire tin of green automotive paint over himself. He was covered from head to toe (fortunately it didn't get in his eyes but it was inside his ears). He still remembers standing in the bath screaming while his parents removed it with thinners and when we got married there were still little green footprints on my father-in-law's workshop floor!

Tracey Petersen said...

Just months after getting our new car my son threw my keys into the rubbish bin. It went out on bin night without us realising. It cost $40 to get a new key because I didn't want just a silver one, I wanted one with the black plastic bit on it.

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