Thursday, June 14, 2007


Several of the blogs (Thanks Sussanah and Jennifer) and comments I have read recently have taken me back down memory lane to the golden era of my childhood/teen years..... the magnificent decade: the EIGHTIES! And Rob and I picked up Top Gun on DVD for $7.50 while we were in Savannah. Can you believe that Dirty Dancing is 20 years old? A little Then and Now to start you off!

Then: The Boom Box. Now: MP3 player/ipod
Then: The Perm Now: Hair Extensions
Then: Michael Jackson was cool (and still had a nose) Now: Michael Jackson is psycho and something very strange is going on in the middle of his face!
Then: American Band Stand and Solid Gold Now: American Idol
Then: Saturday Morning cartoons Now: Cartoons 24/7 courtesy The Cartoon Network
Then: Hairspray and mousse Now: Hair wax and pomade
Then: Change for the pay phone (just in case) Now: the mobile
Then: Tissue in the bra Now: The wonder bra
Then: passing notes in class Now: Instant Messaging
Then: stone washed jeans Now: Skinny Jeans (which, appropriately enough, only skinny people can wear).
Then: Bon Jovi, U-2, and Aerosmith Now: Bon Jovi, U-2 and Aerosmith

Please, if the words "Wax On and Wax Off" mean something to you besides something you do to unwanted body hair, share....


Anonymous said...

Then: me unfashionable
Now: Oh wait! Still unfashionable!

My son wants me to add his:
Then: crying and crapping myself
Now: playing computer games

Tracey Petersen said...

then: at university, too poor to eat out
now: have kids, too poor to eat out

That's the cycle of life!

precious pink pumps said...

Oh yes, I love that. That is one of those sayings you say and if people get it you feel instantly bonded!!

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