Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bad Manners

People, I have discovered, can be very annoying. There are those who are rude, or share too much or are just plain stupid. Oddly enough, it seems to particularly apply to those with money. A few rules I think we should all observe in order to get along:

1) Do NOT bring anyone under a certain age to a movie intended for an adult audience. While I have children and can appreciate the difficulties in finding a babysitter..... I don't want to spend two hours listening to your child whine and/or cry and see them running up and down the aisles. No babysitter..... no movie that isn't for children.

2) The mobile phone. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I have seen people interrupt conversations, meals, children's activities, etc. to answer the damn mobile..... no emergency, no important reminders.... just a call from a friend. Here's a thought: Tell them to call back later!!

3) Don't talk with your mouth full. Basic manners, I know, but you'd be surprised. I once answered the door at my office to find a rather wealthy woman there, eating an egg salad sandwich. She continued to eat the egg salad sandwich while talking to me. I had to stand at a distance to avoid the possibility of egg salad debris falling on my clothes.

4) Free babysitting services. Our neighbor will send their child over to play and then leave to go shopping five minutes later. Last week, two kids (plus an overnight guest) from one house and a child from the opposite side of the road showed up at our house in their bathing suits, uninvited. Why? Because their parents weren't home and they couldn't swim in their own pool. Now, we have one of those 3 x 12 above ground jobs that is good for cooling off on hot days only. Really... no room for 'swimming'. So as soon as the parents drive up next door, the kids leave for their in-ground, nicer pool. Again, more money than we have, but a complete and total lack of class. But apparently, plenty of balls.

5) Think before you speak. Run that thought around in your brain for a few minutes before you pop it out of your mouth. After my brother died, someone told my mother she needed to "move on. After all, God lost a son, too." ?????? How cruel can you possibly be? YOU haven't experienced it... so don't offer your "advice."

I view this post as a "starter topic" as I am sure I will have many, many, more pet peeves to add. If you like, share your own grievances please.


Angel said...

Mine is drunk drivers!! I think you know why.

Shayne Hope said...


They are certainly annoying traits. I am blown away by the kids showing up to swim in your pool.

And that last comment, that kills me. You the hell do they think they are to say that? GRRR!


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