Monday, October 1, 2007

Words and Phrases

that are driving me insane at the moment.

1. Homework. Why does a six year old have so much of it? And why is some of it stupid.... like writing your spelling words forwards AND backwards?

2. Political Debate. We have OVER A YEAR before the U.S. Presidential Debate and the candidates are on debate number 1,475,623. Okay, I exaggerated a little.... it's more like 25. But still....

3. Homeland Security. And all others words that are really just political semantics. Obviously, this could actually be many more words long than just one.

4. Bringing Sexy Back. Currently the most over-used phrase to describe, sometimes sarcastically, the people in the news.

5. That's How I Roll. That fad has passed. Please find something new to say.

6. Britney Spears. And/or Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, etc. Based on talent, etc... they are pretty interchangeable and unimpressive are they not? So why are they on the news everytime I flip the channel?

7. Sexy commercials on Sunday TV at 2 p.m. I can't make it to the TV or remote fast enough to change the channel. Now I have to explain to my six year old why someone is licking someone. And how that is gross and unhygienic. (Okay this isn't a phrase, but it IS bugging me and it IS my blog so I'm including it.)

8. Conservative Christian. Jesus was a liberal people. Don't try to pretty up your homophobic, NRA supporting, male-dominated, anti-everyone who disagress with me agenda by calling it Conservative Christian Values. You can be a person of faith without being a Republican. Shocking, I know.

9. Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmm. I don't think I need to explain that one.

10. Diet. I need to be on one but I can't seem to quit my chocolate habit. And can't seem to start an exercise habit either. Doesn't chasing kids and berating them for bad behavior burn calories? Or has my body adjusted my metabolism to account for the frequency of this activity?


Rob said...

So Angry!!!

Your sexy when you're angry!!!

You wanna?!? wanna?!? out some of that anger??? (wink,wink,nudge,nudge).

meggie said...

Dont get me started on the rants again! Agree with most of yours. Of course some don't apply here, but there are plenty of similarities.

Stomper Girl said...

There's a parent-driven campaign over here to get rid of huge advertising billboards for sex-related services, such as penis enlargements. It is hard when your 6YO learns to read and wants to know why that sign says SEX in huge letters. Television stuff you can control to a degree like you with your remote - I won't even let mine watch commercial stations - but there is a stunning amount of sex-based advertising just on the roadside. Not that I'm exceptionally prudish about this but there are some conversations you don't really want to have with a 6-year-old!

Our kids address us by our names, not our job titles: ie "Muuum". Of course they still do call me Mummy half the time. And even with that half the time ration I get sick of the sound of it.

crafty said...

Oh Melinda, I have never understood the conservative christian values thing. Drives me nuts, so much hatred and judgment and fear hiding under a banner of love, acceptance and freedom.

bluemountainsmary said...

Rob - back in your box!!

HA I agree with all you have written except here it would be


Margot now calls me Mary every now and then cause she knows the Muuuuuuuummmm thing infuriates me - and it is amazing how well I respond to her calling me Mary

Danielle said...

It's funny we live a thousand miles apart and yet your irratations are so fitting for us too!

Whoever invented homework for young children needs a serious dose of 'get a life' cause thats what we are all missing spending the afternoon hours pouring over list words and home readers!

Goes to show you you that USA or Australia children are being tormented!

caramaena said...

So far Chickie's only 'homework' is to read to him - and that's all I'd be happy with at his age. I just don't believe in homework in the younger grades.

I'll tell you though, I cannot for the life of me, figure out how spelling the words backwards could be of any use!

Melinda said...

Me either Caramaena. We actually skipped that one... didn't want to confuse the poor fellow.

Danielle the homework thing makes me sing Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall loudly! After school hours should be reserved for playing in mud puddles building forts with sticks and rocks.

Both kids occasionally call their Daddy Rob. Might that have something to do with me saying (yelling) his name so often?

Rob said...

So Angry!!

Team SAK said...

A good list most of us can relate to!

We no longer have homework. The school has renamed it Home Learning. Individual goals and activities set by the children inconjunction with the teacher which require active involvement of parents to complete. Whose homework is it? Did my quota growing up!

Sussanah said...

I also hate the commercials for scary programs, any of those cut up dead people, serial killer things they show of an afternoon. I really don't need to explain to my kids why that bloated woman is wrapped in plastic!

tracey petersen said...

Pssst, shhhh, teachers hate homework too. But when it isn't set an astounding number of parents complain.

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