Monday, October 15, 2007

A Party, a Carnival and a bery, bery scahwee clown

Abby had the much anticipated (When is my party coming?) Birthday Celebration last weekend. Our playroom has received new additions (mostly Dora stuff), kids had a fantastic time playing dodgeball, running around like wild things and scooping up pinata candy like dieters who hadn't seen candy in months. We sent them home hopped up on cake, icecream and soda PLUS goody bags filled with all kinds of sugary treats! I'm sure the parents were grateful. It was such a hit that Abby has spent most of the entire week talking about it. Angel brought her little boy Hunter to our house and Abby was alternately fascinated and cautious of him. She still hasn't decided if she liked him playing with her toys, but keeps asking questions about him. "Where is Hunter?" "Did he play with my toys?" "Will he come back?"

The kids had the entire week off of school for fall break. The fair was in town and we made the obligatory trip on Thursday night. Hand-stamp night. They stamp the children's hands and they can ride all the rides they want for the low, one-time fee of $18. Dozens of rides ranging from Merry-go-rounds to Fun Houses and Ferris Wheels are just waiting for screaming, laughing kids to jump on, through and in. And in the south, a fair isn't a fair without animal exhibits and livestock shows. We got to see the local 4-H club showing their prize sheep. Abby's personal favorite was the cows (and cow patties, of course). We ate cotton candy (made by the local high school) and had a grand old time. We finished off our evening by making a donation to the local fire department's fire safety program in exchange for balloons twisted into amazing shapes.

These balloons were made by a clown of course. Full make-up and gaudy outfit, big red nose.... the works. And Abby, who had ridden the Merry-go-Round, the Flying Helicopters and fed a donkey 10 times bigger than she is, was absolutely, completely, utterly terrified of the clown. Shivering and trembling, eyes wide with horror and rendered unable to speak. The poor clown made her a hat and she did deign to wear it after we made it to the parking lot. A whole night of fun behind us, no one got motion sickness, no one got lost, no one had any big fits.... until J.T.'s balloon sword popped. His night was ruined. He spent the ride home crying off and on for his "fabulous sword! The best one ever!! Now, I'll never have another!!"

J.T. has recovered.... he lost his tooth that night and got $5 from the tooth fairy. Interesting side note.... his tooth came out in his sleep and he swallowed it. The tooth fair works on the honor system at our house.

Abby has minimized her fear of the clown by telling everyone about the cows and the bery, BERY scahwee clown. The way she tells it reminds me of us womenfolk relaying our birthing stories.... all that drama and pain and then a wonderful prize in the end.

Top picture shows Abby's birthday cake... homemade by Rob's Mom. Second picture is of my sister Christie and Abby (she always manages to dress the same as Abby on her birthday, even though I don't tell her what Abby will be wearing), Angel is on the left. The last picture shows you how much yard we have.... the kids absolutely love all that room to roam.


M said...

Happy Birthday Abby!

Re: JT's tooth. I hate to mention it but... if he swallowed it he should get it back - eventually. I don't think they digest that well.

And, man, is that really your yard? What an amazing place for kids to run.

Sussanah said...

Who the fuck actually likes clowns? NO ONE! They are creepy scary. They don't make anyone, ANYONE laugh and if they do then those people are borderline retarded!!

Clowns are WRONG!

Stomper Girl said...

That's the thing about balloons, isn't it? It's just so sad when they pop. It all looks like great fun, well done for saturating the party guests with sugar.

tracey petersen said...

The last picture looks like a postcard!

I'm with Sussanah on clowns. If you have to disguise your identity you can only be up to no good. Scare kids then rob a bank...still we don't know who is under the make up!

Aunty Evil said...

Great story, I love your yard! OOOOhhhh weeeeeee what we could do with that space!

The Greek in MDH would have citrus trees all over that space, there would be no room for the kids to play.

The party and the carnival sound like great fun!

crafty said...

Wow! what a yard!

Happy birthday Abby.

Melinda said...

I told you guys we lived in the country. Clowns STILL creep me out! There is something innately weird about them. I thought of that M, but no way am I looking for that tooth on the other end. It can enjoy a nice journey through the sewage system. We just took a picture of the blank spot on J.T.'s gums and used that for "proof".

Fairlie said...

Man! That's not a yard, that's a sheep station.

Clowns really are a bit creepy.

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