Monday, October 29, 2007

we are the world

Sussanah posted about being sad with the state of the world. This issue or I should say issues come up at our house alot. We often feel so overwhelmed with the problems of the world: racial hatred, poverty, war, global warming, and education. Rob turned to me one day and said: "We can't solve these problems. The little bit we can do won't make a difference." And that sometimes seems to be the unavoidable truth. BUT that doesn't mean we're throwing in the towel!

We aren't in a financial position that allows us to contribute large amounts of cash to charities. But we do give what we can. Each Christmas we participate in programs that give toys to children both locally and internationally. This year we will support Heifer International as well. We also give to local programs that help provide food and clothing to migrant workers from Mexico who temporarily relocate here to help with onion planting in the Fall. We recycle our plastics and metal, newsprint and cardboard. We will plant a vegetable garden this spring and add some trees to our landscaping to help offset our carbon footprint. We vote our conscience on issues that are important to us and are trying to raise our children to be aware of the world and the humanity around them. To be compassionate and proactive and involved. Yes, I know that our contribution hasn't solved any of these issues. But if each of us does something, no matter how small, it is one small step closer to a solution. And if it makes a difference in one life... aren't we all the better for it?

I think of the difference that people like Sheye and Danielle have made by sharing their stories and it makes me grateful. We keep our cars locked now, even at home. Abby is three and still in a 5-point harness carseat. J.T. has been instructed on what to do if he ever gets stuck in a hot car. He is still in a booster seat. They've made a difference. And it inspires me to do what I can. Even when it seems I'm doing it against the flow. Against the odds. Tiny steps forward. Every day. It will make a difference.

Our capacity to be saddened by the events in the world also drives our determination to make change. So, Sussanah, I will be strong for you today. I will hope for both of us. And tomorrow, if I falter, you can hope for me.


tracey petersen said...

Sussanah will appreciate this sentiment and your caring.

But this is the song we anarchists would use for our anthem:
PS - I'll give you a language warning now on the song.

Danielle said...

Thank you for always supporting us and for encouraging me. I know you live an ocean away but your support means a lot and all the support I get helps me to keep telling our story.

If we can stop one child leaving this world too soon then we have done at least the smallest thing to save others from our pain.

Thank you.


kurrabikid said...

What a lovely post. You've expressed sentiments many of us struggle with. Thanks for your insights.

Stomper Girl said...

Beautiful. Good on you Melinda and Rob. That's how we like to live our life over here too.

Fairlie said...

Good on you. It's the little things that count.

A lovely and thoughtful post.

Sue xx said...

I think if we can all do our little bit in different ways. We are all different and in different situations and this is what makes the world great and sad.

bluemountainsmary said...

Dear HA

this is a very timely and beautiful post for me as I start taking tiny steps of my own - tiny I tell ya! But hopefully this will evolve into something more meaningful

Aunty Evil said...

Nice post Melinda. I knew I liked you for a reason.

Sussanah said...

you sweet thing you, isn't it odd (and nice) to find kindred spirits so far away.

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