Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Something Wicked

is coming! Halloween is a few weeks away and since I am so very organized (okay, this was Rob's idea, not mine), we went to buy costumes on Monday. I have rose-colored visions of my children marching up to houses to politely say: "Trick or Treat" in beautiful hand-made costumes.... but alas they prefer the cheap, plasticky versions on display at the stores. And let's face it. They would look thrown away in anything I created since I cannot, CANNOT sew or craft.

J.T. chose a Venom costume. It's actually a black spiderman suit, but he doesn't know the difference so "Shhhhhhhhhhh!" I don't think many kids want to play the role of the bad guy (unless it is gross and bloody), so they don't actually make a Venom costume. I think he roots for the bad guys because they are the underdog. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Abby wants to be a Lion. Of course we couldn't find a Lion costume. So she is going to be a bunny rabbit. We found the headband with the ears attached, the little fluffy tail you tie on. Yes it is a cop-out on making an actual bunny suit. But trust me, she'll be much cuter this way.

At the costume display they featured a grizzled old man with green skin and zombie eyes. You press a button and he talks to you.... then lifts his severed head right off his shoulders. J.T. and Rob were very impressed. I think we narrowly escaped owning this fellow. Thank goodness Mommy gets veto power.


bluemountainsmary said...

Dear HA

I know Halloween is huge in the States and must be great fun.

My brother and sister in law who live in Adelaide go completely nuts at Halloween and have a massive party with the most incredible decorations.

But anytime the kids have shown a vague interest in it I have actively discouraged it. I just feel it is not our holiday and has no relevance to us. So bah humbug I guess!!

Sussanah said...

We don't do Halloween here. Every now and then some kid shows up at the door in costume and we say, "What the hell do you want?" and if they are very lucky they end up with a packet of biscuits, this year in the current state of my pantry, they'll be lucky to get chickpeas!

tracey petersen said...

No interest here either - we just don't get it....

Stomper Girl said...

Sussanah is hilarious. We've been known to dress up for it and beg for sweets.

Well done on vetoing the zombie suit.

Melinda said...

Hmmmmmmmm. Guess it would be hard for you to do a Fall holiday when you are in the middle of Spring? Well... don't worry! I will steal candy from my children's pumpkins and eat it on your behalf. All the nice chocolate pieces. I know. Very kind of me.

crafty said...

No halloween at our house either. When kids came knocking at our door when I was a kid, my mother told them to basically get lost, after they left she said, "Well, they know where to come to see a real witch next year"

I thought it was funny then, and still do.

precious pink pumps said...

Unlike my aussie friends, I celebrate Halloween every year. I must dig out previous years' celebrations and post them for you - the pics are always pretty funny. We have a halloween dinner and trick and treat to select family members because, as Soozadoo says, quite correctly, noone here is prepared and you don't want a disappointed 7 year old ghoul, now do you ?
This year we are going all out and I am flying down to Gold Coast with Lucio so he can celebrate all things Halloween with Luca and Mason and SHeye and I can (Hopefully) enjoy a wine or two...Movie World (big theme park here) puts on a big Halloween shindig and it sounds all very exciting. So I am with you - Halloween rocks.

precious pink pumps said...

I should add that perhaps my commitment to the Halloween tradition originates from my spending time in the US as an exchnange student then returnign several times since to visit family/friends there so your holidays and celebrations are signfiicant to me and have a lot of memories. My very first halloween, in fact, was when I was only 17 and in LA and by that stage of my exchange student year I had kind of 'run away' (sounds like I was some kind of delinquent, but really I am respectable. Shut up Sussanah!)...and was very naughty.

Aunty Evil said...

If I knew there was a packet of biscuits in it, I'd be knocking on Susannah's door myself!

But with no guarantees, I won't, I'm too scared of her! :)

That scary old guy mask sounds like our next door neighbour!

Did you get your french maid outfit like you promised Rob?

M said...

That reminds me, our street better start getting our act together. We "did" Halloween for the first time last year and it was a hoot. We have a Dementor costume all ready for Padawan Learner. KelpieBlossom went as a black cat last year but I think, at nine, that she will want something a little "cooler" this year.

Melinda said...

Sussanah.... surely you could scramble and find some three bean mix?

Jennifer.... I'm sure you have never been naughty and are the essence of demure sweetness. Perhaps that doesn't make sense if you are friends with Sussanah though does it? :-D

Aunty..... Don't encourage him please. He did look at them. Help up a hanger with such hope in his eyes.

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