Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Dye or Not to Dye

That is the question. I always thought I would let my hair take it's own course in terms of color. I've had some gray hair mixed in my locks for as long as I can remember. Literally. People were pointing out my strands of gray in elementary school.

My mother-in-law is a huge fan of dying (but only because she has dark eyebrows and would look strange with gray hair and dark eyebrows.... Rob asked what she would do when her eyebrows went gray and she says: "Weeellllllllllll....").

Okay. I admit it. I'm scared to dye. The rest of my hair is a very dark shade of brown, so dying it is a tricky proposition. Combine dark hair and fair skin.... and my options are pretty limited. But as Rob has been so KIND to point out, my gray hairs are multiplying like rabbits. So now I have a dilemma.... to dye or not to dye. Suggestions? Advice? Expertise anyone? Perhaps a glaze?


M said...

I have dark hair and fair skin. I also have a semi put through my hair every 3-4 months. It doesn't really change the colour at all, just gives it a bit of a lift.

I actually quite like grey hair, just not the stage where its half and half. One of the most stunning looking mums up at our local school is completely grey. She wears her hair in a sleek bob and looks amazing.

Team SAK said...

To dye or not to dye! What a great dilemna to have! It was only 2 years ago that I was brave enough to put colour in my hair. Professionally at the hairdressers of course. The put a few foil highlights in around the front to (in the hairdresser's words) blend in and camouflage my recently acquired grey. Now I am just waiting to see what colour my regrowth is after medical treatment. So far it is a lot darker than my old natural colour. Good luck with it all.

For the record M's hair always looks fab and I didn't know she dyed it until her post and I have known her for a decade!. That is the trick I guess - keeping it natural looking. But then some people may say - why go and get it done if no one else can tell it has been done?

crafty said...

I would suggest some sort of rinse or semi-permament too.

If you do go to a hairdresser, don't let them talk you into a permanent if you are unsure. They love to colour because you have to go back for the re-growth.

precious pink pumps said...

Dye baby Dye. I have pale skin and dark hair. I naturally have quite light hair but i like it dark. why not try variations on 'dark' eg. chocolate, chestnut blah blah? Or throw in a few foils- always makes you feel spritely.
By the way, what is a glaze?

Aunty Evil said...

Do it!

The older I get the more daring I get. I have been blonde - natural or bottle, either way really - most of my life.

Now I am experimenting with reds, auburn, chestnut...love it!

If you are too chicken, get one of those ones that grow out in 8 washes. That way you can see what suits you best.

I hate the grey roots poking through my head. Hate them.


Aunty Evil said...

and then show us photos so we can have a good laugh at your expense.

tracey petersen said...

I have NO idea what colour my hair is. I have selected my own colour since I was 17. It has been blonde, orange, red and brown and all shades in between. I have never had black hair, though - wouldn't rule it out though.

So I say go for it. Don't hesitate. What the hell does our DNA know about choosing a good colour for hair!!

kirsty said...

Oh just go for it, M!! It's really no biggy and it does make your hair really, really shiny!

Fairlie said...

I'm like Tracey...I have no idea what my natural colour is anymore. I've been everything from a brassy blonde through to deep brown brunette, with and without foils. I tend to settle somewhere around a light reddish brown.

Go on...

Sussanah said...

Good lord. The last time I saw my natural hair colour was when Peta and I shaved our heads for the Leukemia Foundation in 2000. Before that it had been all different colours since 1989. It grew back I saw it and immediately changed it to a nice colour. Mice would be offended to hear me describe my hair as mouse brown, that's how foul it is.
Dye away honey, be all glossy and lovely. You won't regret it.

Sue xx said...

I vote for the Dye! You are going to have so much fun you will love it. I think it is easier to have dark hair and dye then with blonde. Not too much can happen with dark. I usually go for a nice as my hairdresser says yummy chocolate colour and then lighter foils.

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