Monday, October 22, 2007

Rob explains...

the evolution of Santa Claus in the comment box on my previous post: "Why does Santa come to our house?" Poor Aunty.... she never saw it coming.


Aunty Evil said...

So anyway, get your kids to check the letterbox every day.

There is a letter coming, from me.

It explains how their mother has been conning them all this time, that whether they are good or bad, they will find presents under the tree, because no parent who really loves their kids would withhold gifts on Christmas morning.

That when they go shopping, or better still, when they are at home, they can do what they want,when they want, and suffer no consequences. That all threats issued are foundless and a big. fat. bluff.


You tell them, don't forget now!

Melinda said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're too frightened to call my bluff! I promise I'll tell them though :-P

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