Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Candy, Candy, everywhere. You have to like a holiday that celebrates dressing up and candy all in one. I do anyway. Abby and J.T. were thrilled to run up to doors and ring the bells, asking: "trick or treat" and getting candy in return. We "borrowed" our friends Chris and Ashlee's neighborhood, since they don't have kids of their own. Though Rob and I didn't dress up, Chris put on a Batman costume and Ashlee was decked out in full eighties regalia that would have made Cyndi Lauper proud.

This year's festivities had a good, bad, and ugly element. J.T. only decided at the last minute he was in the mood to trick or treat. He is sick with a strept infection, bronchitis and an ear infection! I must say that when he gets sick, he gets SICK. Abby, the carsick queen, threw up what seemed to be a gallon of chocolate milk on the way over.... so we had to pull over and clean up, then ride the rest of the way with the windows down. Nothing smells quite as bad as sour milk. Fortunately, I chose not to dress her in costume until we actually arrived at Chris and Ashlee's house. Feast your eyes on the cutest bunny and the scariest spiderman you have ever seen. Oh, and a not-so-intimidating Batman.


Team SAK said...

Looks like great fun! While not a big thing here we were still prepared in the event of some trick or treaters arriving. No one did so now we have a lot of candy and chocolate supplies sitting temptingly in the pantry! Self control required.

Fairlie said...

Who needs Halloween horror stories when you have chocolate milk vomit in the car? Having survived several Impossible Princess milk-vomit occasions in our car, I whole-heartedly agree...nothing smells quite so bad (and continues to do so for the next three months or so...)

Aunty Evil said...

How cute they are! Can spiderman actually see out of those eyes?

Laughing at the chocolate milk. But in a nervous, not too loud kind of way. Hoping no kiddies have choc milk just before they visit santa!

tracey petersen said...

Vomit...oh what a treat.

bluemountainsmary said...

Dear HA

I see you have had your revenge on me.

With a vomit story of your very own.

See - all the halloween stuff makes sense when an american talks about it.

except for the vomit.

Sussanah said...

Weeeeell it's a party when someone vomits

Melinda said...

My car still reeks a little of sour milk. Makes me retch a little myself everytime I get in.

Abby says: "Yuck!" and "I made a bery big mess!" when she throws up. Master of the obvious, that's my girl!

Sue xx said...

Batman that's hilarious! The kids look great. Ewwwww milk vomit.

Stomper Girl said...

You need vomit bags in the car like the airplanes. Mighty cute costmes, I would have handed over some lollies to them.

M said...

Padawan Learner is SO impressed with JT's costume. He went as a Dementor this year.

Everyone has the milk vomit story don't they. We have a fair few. None of them chocolate milk 'though! Blurgh.

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