Sunday, September 23, 2007

Play Ball!

We took J.T. to see the Atlanta Braves play the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend. First big league game for both J.T. and I. We met our friends Chris and Ashlee (we were her surprise as she didn't know we were coming) and had a blast! Rob's cousin Thomas is on the left, then Rob, J.T. and me. Note small-town girl's deathgrip on purse.... too many tales of big city muggings for me!

J.T. ate two bags of cotton candy ($5 a piece!) and snarfled down a couple of drinks. We had sticker shock over the prices: $5 for a hot dog, $6 for a beer, $4.75 for a bottle of water and $4.25 for a coke, which really astounded me.... I can buy 3 two-liter bottles for that.... is the ice and the cup really that expensive?

Ashlee and I spent a lot of time people watching. She was upset that so many people brought tiny babies (bad for their ears). We observed many fashion offenses. Fifty year old women in spaghetti strap tank tops with wrinkly boobs hanging out the tops. Teenagers in teeny tiny shorts with things like cutie pie or diva printed across their butts. One woman with spiky short hair.... and rat tail side burns! Very odd looking. A few lycra offenders (why people, why? Even Lance Armstrong doesn't make that work). Belly button flashers.... and I'd say ninety percent of these people were NOT exactly buff. Ashlee even offered to buy me a pair of wrap around sunglasses (the kind they give out at the Optometrist after you've had your eyes dilated) after we spotted a pair on a blue-haired lady in front of us. But I told her I didn't want them if I couldn't have the brown lace-up shoes to go with.

Between innings they showed cool stuff on the jumbotron. My favorite was the kiss cam, where they show closeups of couples around the stadium and they kiss when they show them onscreen. Young, old, middle-aged.... it was cute. They flashed up a shot of a pair of teenagers sitting with one empty seat between them, leaning away from each other.... and the girl raised her eyebrows, and laughed.... no kissing! Then she mouths: "He's my brother!" Then they showed two guys sitting together.... but they wouldn't kiss for the camera.

It was fun. But J.T. got bored with the baseball. Here he is after the third inning and his 101st asking of: "Is it over yet?"


tracey petersen said...

Phew, I'm glad you finally said baseball in the last paragraph - I had assumed, but you know....

We went to a baseball game when we were in the States because it is something completely foreign to us. I was astounded at the people in front of us, who seemed to be either eating or heading to buy food. I wasn't sure that they watched the game at all!

I love the bored face.

bluemountainsmary said...

I love the bored face too. (and loved your KMART story too btw).

I wasn't there to see it but I suspect that is exactly the face Joe was pulling when J took him to his first test cricket match in Adelaide last year.

Stomper Girl said...

Were the lycra wearers just wanting to be ready on the off-chance that they'd be called onto the pitch for some emergency pitching or something?

I'm disappointed you and Rob didn't get to pash on the big screen. And I love JT's expression.

Sussanah said...

Come the Revolution Melinda, Come the Revolution.....

Sussanah said...

Oh and CTR public pashing would be banned and all people who went "ooooooh" at public pashing they would be in big trouble too!

Aunty Evil said...

You're a bloody weird mob, that's for sure.

You are the surprise. woo hoo.

You are excited by a baseball game. woo hoo.

People who don't know each other kiss on screen., actually, that sounds like fun...

Your son is the only sane one out of the lot of you.

Team SAK said...

Good to see that supply and demand also affects your food prices at sporting events! At least we are not alone.

Love the blog and descriptions of the ( with respect) various fashion disasters at the big league .

PS: Thanks for dropping in on my little blog.

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