Monday, September 10, 2007

Eva Cassidy - over the rainbow

Somehow very appropriate for today.... six years on. I'm sure many people have expressed the sentiment that this day was the "Pearl Harbor" or JFK Assassination moment for our generation (at least in the U.S.)... and as cliche as that sounds.... it was. I remember what I was doing, wearing, etc. Most of all I remember the shock that this could happen here. I thought first world countries were immune to this level of catastrophe.... our sophisticated electronics somehow made us better prepared to handle disaster. This day removed me from my niave shell of safety.... but it didn't change me in a fundamental way I don't think.... I think the true answer to terrorism isn't war, I think we have to respond by saying.... we value FREEDOM. Freedom of expression and thought and pursuit of happiness and love and I am saddened that our response has been exactly what the terrorists wanted..... war. And a tightening of restrictions upon our freedoms. I don't think we can live in fear of another attack. There are so many dangers lurking in our lives.... if we focus solely on safety and security, we have lived our lives playing defense... and that truly isn't living. How can you stretch and reach your goals and potential if you live in fear? I know this is a little heavy for my usual tone on this blog, but it is what is in my heart and mind today.

I still think of the lives that were directly impacted by this and think of and pray for those people. This song is such a beautiful one and for me represents hope. I have never heard a more beautiful version than Eva sings here..... peace.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for representing someone who is at least THINKING about this! Complacency will ruin our country. We need to keep HOPE alive and teach our children the realities needed to obtain and maintain PEACE...and it starts with love in the home. God bless everyone, everywhere....

Sue xx said...

I too remember where I was. I agree this was such a huge even that had impact on most in lots of ways. Georgia was a baby and I was lying in bed at night feeding her the 10.30pm late news was on. I remember our News reader had the pics of the first crash and was saying news just in and they didn't know what happened. Then the second plane crashed into the building live. I turned to Mark and just said "OMG was that another plane holy **&*& what's happening" I can't remember what time we got to sleep but it was in the early hours of the morning!
Such a beautiful song too that stirs many emotions :)
Sue xx

M said...

I was asleep the night (your day) that it happened. I woke early the next day to feed my (then baby) son when my husband burst in to tell me that a "Tom Clancy scenario just happened".

This weekend we Sydney-siders experienced the fall-out from this event in the form of a barricaded, fenced-off city during the APEC forum. A friend of ours was at work with his son when after being motioned by a police officer to cross the road was tackled to the ground and arrested for violating the APEC zone. They detained him for 22 hours on terrorism charges and left his 11 yo son on the street alone to find his own way home.

I would prefer to accept risk rather than live behind barricades. Let's not live in fear. This is Australia for heaven's sake. :-)

Lovely song.

Aunty Evil said...

I love that song, no matter who sings it.

Your sentiments match mine. Even in Australia, the impact of that day was felt profoundly.

It still is. In some ways, it even feels like it happened here. The world changed that day, for us all.

Stomper Girl said...

I think waht you say is so very right.

Climber was still a newish baby when it happened and I remember looking down at him, kicking on the floor, and wondering if it was still okay to be sitting in my living room adoring my baby when such things were happening in the world. But you have to really, don't you?

tracey petersen said...

Ten days after the twin towers fell we left on a dream holiday to the USA. We would have been in NY one month to the day, and actually had our pre-paid tickets to stand on the viewing platform of the towers.

I drove to work that morning and wondered what the hell life even meant. What purpose did anything serve?

I was ready to pull out of our trip, but we were going as a family of fifteen and no one else felt like I did. It turned out to be a wonderful trip - we took NY out of our itinerary, it didn't seem the appropriate place to take our children.

kirsty said...

M, I am absolutely HORRIFIED that that could happen in Australia! I think we have all reacted very badly to 9/11. It was an appalling action, but we could have served the cause of Freedom in a much better way than we did.
I woke up to my alarm/radio reporting the news. At first I thought it was a bad bad joke. I couldn't leave the TV all day. It was stunning.

Sussanah said...

peace be with you

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes this terrible anniversary has been on my mind today. We were on holiday and I remember getting up and J telling me what had happened. I too thought he was telling me a terrible joke. Alas no joke. Thinking of you and yours.

Melinda said...

J.T. was almost exactly nine months old and it felt like my vision of his future shifted that day.... I knew the world would be a completely different place for him.... but I wonder if our parents felt that way during the Cold War? Like optimism was fading? Thank all of you for sharing your thoughts.

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