Saturday, September 15, 2007

Math and Rabbits

Hmmmmmmmmmm. When reading the title of this post you probably think I'll be discussing he reproductive habits of bunnies. I'm sure Crafty and Aunty think so.... but you are destined to be disappointed.

The Math portion of this post is in regards to J.T. and his school work. I met with his teacher on Friday and she allayed many of my concerns about his progress. She just loves him (I mean, really, who wouldn't?) and said she could have listed page after page of his strengths.... kind, mannerly, makes friends easily, eager to learn.... and he is making progress in the areas she was concerned about: handwriting (my mother swears boys master this later than girls.... though I STILL haven't mastered it myself), reading (slow, steady improvement) and staying on task (had a very good day Friday). But the best news.... he scored an entire grade level (one academic year) ahead on his Math placement test! I think that probably explains his lower reading score. From my experiences in teaching, sometimes those who are very good at math developed reading skills more slowly. So yeah for J.T.!!!

Now for the rabbits! We are selling cases of 20 oz. coke products as a fund-raiser for J.T.'s school. Since we have purchased every stupid raffle ticket, roll of wrapping paper, candy bar, etc. from Rob's much younger cousin when she was in school, we decided it would only be fair if we hit his Aunt and Uncle up for a case of drinks. J.T. called her and politely asked if she would be interested in buying some cokes. Abby overheard him and immediately said: "I want Larry to buy me an animal rabbit!" ????? We have no idea where this came from, but she insisted on asking the question. So I handed her the phone and she said: "I want you to buy me an animal rabbit!" Only she wasn't talking to her Uncle Larry. In her best: Hey, I've been duped voice she says: "You're not Larry, you're Sherry...." and hangs up the phone! We call back and apologize.... and this time she gets Larry on the phone, puts in her request and hands it back. Rob says: "If you get her a rabbit I will break both of your knees." Rob's uncle says: "Don't you want a pair?"


crafty said...

Yay for JT!

Rabbits? Ha ha.

I got two guinea pigs(cavies) 4 weeks old. I did my research, found out how to tell the boys from the girls. They were both definitely girls. Only the thing was they were both already pregnant! So we ended up with 8.

bluemountainsmary said...

To the pair of rabbits I mean.

And lovely news and reassuring for you too re JT

Aunty Evil said...

Yay for JT! I agree with Crafty.

And another thing I am sure we agree on is that we both had evil little thoughts run through our minds when we saw your header. You caused this in us though, you insist on telling us all about your house cleaning habits.

As for what you said about JT "kind, mannerly, makes friends easily, eager to learn'...he obviously takes after me!

Fairlie said...

Great maths news!

Cats, now rabbits...Abby is obviously angling for a new pet. I'd steer well clear of pet stores, animal shows, 'giving away to good home signs'...or you may well find yourself with a menagerie.

crafty said...

Actually those rabbits could be quite useful for JT's maths education.

Exponential growth and all.

Stomper Girl said...

You've got a maths brain boy? This could mean he'll be a nerd in later life. Just saying.

According to Sussanah and Tracey this is a good thing ONCE THEY LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL. The chicks will dig him then.

tracey petersen said...

Nerdy boys are well worth cultivating!
Those qualitites that you listed - kind, mannerly, friendly, eager are SO much more important than any learning that school can provide. you have already equipped him to be a good person.
Rabbits? Are they wascally?

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