Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some Things NEVER Change

Kids and Mud Puddles. The wonderful benefit of a two hour thunderstorm is lots and lots of mud. I started to threaten evil things upon them when they first discovered the puddle.... until I remembered what absolute fun it is to slather yourself in mud and feel it squish between your fingers and toes! (and throw it at your sibling).

It entertained them for over an hour... and the clean-up was surprisingly easy. A few minutes with the garden hose got the worst of it off. I did have to spend 15 minutes pre-treating their clothes before laundering, but it was worth it. Someone remind me why we spend so much on Christmas and Birthday gifts? It seems like the best toys are free.


caramaena said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! My Chickie would be jealous if I showed him the pics!

Thanks for the link btw - much appreciated :)

Rob said...

This opens up new windows into bribery.

"JT, eat your vegetables and do your homework and you might get to play in the mud."

"Abby, do you want Daddy to put up your cardboard quit writing on the walls."

"Melinda, clean out your car and charge your cell phone or you don't get any McLovin' tonight."

Members of the Blogsquad, ask Melinda about the cleanliness of her car and how much battery life is left on her cell phone and in her answer you will find the meaning of "empty threat"......Poor Rob :-(

Melinda said...

Very Funny, Rob. Veeeeeeeeery Funny. Your chances for "McLovin" just went down the tubes Mr. McSmartAss.

Rob said...

You're sexy when you're being back hurts tonight anyway. ;-)

Shouldn't it be "verrrrry" instead of "veeeeeery". What is the proper context for stretching out the word "very"?

kirsty said...

Soooo Melinda. how much battery is left on your phone?

I'm not going to ask about the car. People who drive glass cars, etc.

Aunty Evil said...



On that topic though, I'd be growing cobwebs where their ought be no cobwebs if I relied on a clean car.

Melinda said...

The phone is completely dead, kirsty...electronic maintenance *should* be Rob's job. The car is a science project at this point. LOL Aunty.

caramaena said...


crafty said...

Good on you. One of my happiest memories is of getting completely covered in mud, and my Mum would just say quite casually "get undressed at the laundry door before you come inside."

Stomper Girl said...

I can manage the recharge stuff but not the clean car so much. I clean the house so I figure the car, being an 'outside' fixture, falls into Fixit's jurisdiction.

Melinda, though, I gotta ask... Your man offers you "McLoving"? What the..

So, cheap and fast loving? Is that what's on offer here? Or sex with cheeseburgers? Or sex AT McDonalds? McDonalds instead of sex?

My brain hurts.

Fairlie said...

So - is Rob McSteamy or McDreamy?

All I could think of looking at those photos, was OMG...the clothes. But I see you had that covered with your 15 minutes of pre-treating their clothes before laundering!!

My phone battery and yours are probably meeting up in the afterlife around now. It's been doing that urgh-urgh sound all afternoon, and has finally stopped. Guess that means it died.

tracey petersen said...

Would you like it supersized?
Sorry Rob, you opened the door to that one!

Rob said...

"Super-Sized" is over-rated (the war cry of all guys who aren't "super-sized"). I'm all about slow preparation and great service. ;-) However when its called for I can switch into fast-food mode. Always leave her with a smile. :-)

Bonus Points to whoever can place where I got "McLovin" opens in theaters today.....well, in the U.S. anyway.

Sex at McDonald's...[cringes]...cheeseburger after sex...mmmmmmmm.

devongirlie said...

Wow! you're brave!

Danielle said...

Good mummy, you know how prescious these moments are, embrace the mud! They look like they just had the bestest fun. I'm wishing my girl still liked to get muddy, but she has moved past it already....

precious pink pumps said...

I love that the kids remind us of our own highlights of childhood. It is hard though, knowing you are the one who has to clean up, to relinquish that mother hat and put on the cool mum hat for just a bit of mud fun!
McLoving - that is just hilarious.

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