Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Silly Picture Fun

We had a horrible thunderstorm last night that lasted almost two hours. In order to distract ourselves from the very scary (but beautiful) display of lightning flashes and thunder crashes, the kids and I played a game of taking silly pictures. We even let Abby have a turn! Note J.T. has a half-eaten peanut butter cracker sandwich in one hand while he flexes and that Abby's wild face is actually not too far from her normal expression! Abby took the off-center picture of J.T. and I and he took the pic of Mommy and Abby. It really was fun. We have been having a solid week of 100F/38.8C (how kind am I to convert for my Aussie friends!) Tomorrow's forecast calls for 102.... so outdoor play is very limited.

Some more married dialogue fun:

After we had the horrible family portrait day.... Rob and I had the following exchange:

Rob drops a jar of mayonnaise on the floor and the tightly screwed-on lid pops right off (luckily the jar was plastic) and spews mayo all over the floor. He requests my aid in "what do you use to clean something greasy off the floor?"
He sighs while I get the dish detergent and a warm wet cloth and I offer:
"Gosh, hon. The whole Universe is against you today!"
He says: "Gee Thanks. I was going to say the world was against me. I really don't need the whole Universe against me. It's nice to know when I hit rock bottom, you're there with a jackhammer."

Yep, babe! I'm here for you. For better or for worst. Even when the whole Universe is against you!


Angel said...

AWWWW!!How sweet ya'll look! It stormed here last night too. It blew the roof off of the shop. The side of the shop that they wash cars at.

Sussanah said...

Feeling your pain with the heat. We are at the end of our fabulous warm winter and I am dreading the return of the hot humid disgusting summer.
Do you have aircon?

Aunty Evil said...

You have the secret right in your hand, did you know?

You get the kids prettied up for your Xmas pics. You let them clown around for a while, let them even take their own shots, then you slip in a serious one here and there.


Nice shots by the way, these are precious too.

meggie said...

Honestly, how pretty your are!! I didnt like to mention it last time I visited, but today.... well, you just look great.
And your children...make the teeth ache with their cuteness.
A 2 hour thunderstorm sounds extremely long to me! Our are usually over in about 15 to 30 minutes.
I hate extreme heat, so feel very sorry for you!

tracey petersen said...

thanks for the temperature conversion, very thoughtful. You are right that is damn hot. Doesn't it feel good once it breaks with a storm. the air even smells clean

crafty said...

I was just thinking how you managed to look so nice and normal, amidst the silliness, or is that just clever editing?
Great shots though.

Melinda said...

Oh Meggie.... you made me blush! I was thinking, when I looked at the close-up that i'm overdue for a tweeze and an upper lip wax!

Oh God yes, Soozadoo, we have air conditioning... we didn't when I was a little girl and I can't figure out how on earth we stood it.

Aunty... I hadn't thought of that! You are bloody brilliant!

Fairlie said...

Great shots! (and what a clever idea of Aunty Evil's! - may have to try that one myself...although they may never settle to teh 'serious' shot).

Two hours is a very long storm! And 38.8 is definitely hot, in anyone's language.

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