Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Being Mom

We braved the wilds of Wal-mart Monday afternoon as our cupboards were almost completely bare (in other words, I was out of diet coke, chocolate and cheese). Rob and I split up with a shopping cart and a child each. He, of course, got the calm, somewhat reasonable J.T. while I took the Diva. And they did good, until they were reunited in the check-out line. Then all bets were off and the evening had nowhere to go but down. By the time we got home, there was some serious whining and pestering going on. Rob and I unpacked groceries while the kids ate, betwixt and between more whining and pestering.

After the 15th request for ice cream and the 14th "In a minute. Wait until I finish putting things away." Rob finally breaks. He says, "Sit down, be quiet, and WAIT UNTIL I AM DONE!"

Abby looks at him with her eyebrows raised and asks, "What are you doing?" Because Rob virtually never scolds her. Frustrated Rob says, "I'm being the daddy, that's what." J.T. in ever droll older brother tone says: "That means he's being Mom."

Can you tell who the disciplinarian is at our house? And ka-ching goes the change as it falls into the Therapy Jar.


Fairlie said...

Reminds me of a time I started chasing my youngest around the house, tickling her and laughing, and she stopped, looked at me seriously and asked, "Who *are* you?" I guess I wasn't being 'mum' (sorry, Australian fingers can't type 'mom'...even though I just did...)

tracey petersen said...

My kids are teenageers, so now I make them unpack the shopping while I whine for the icecream....and it feels GOOD!

caramaena said...


Stomper Girl said...

JT is clearly sharp as a tack!

crafty said...

Very funny! I'm laughing at Fairlie's comment too.

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