Friday, August 3, 2007

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

I am in love with Google and Wikipedia. I use Google for virtually any info I need: Phone numbers, how-to information, and just fun. And hasn't everybody googled their own name to see what comes up?

I like Wikipedia... though I am suspicious of it being super-accurate, so I take everything I read there with a grain of salt. After reading Tracey's blog and seeing cyclone Tracy mentioned... I decided to do a google search to learn more about the event that inspired songs and even a band name. I read up on Cyclone Tracy and, being the ever-curious person that I am clicked on Tojo -- an article about the WWII Japanese leader -- which had me clicking on light rail transportation -- which lead to more clicking for an article about Bordeaux France and ended 15 minutes later with a click to read about a Roman emporor named Gallineus.... and had me thinking.... "How on earth did a google search for Cyclone Tracy end with Gallineus? I think one Wikipedia Search (and many months of reading) could take you through every article posted on Wikipedia without you every having to start a completely new search.

Most of my google/Wikipedia searches end this way.... and I think... Poor Rob. What must it be like being married to a person with the attention-span of a Hummingbird? And he wonders why he can never find the hairbrush or nail clippers when he needs them. Hmmmm.... I'm off to google hummingbirds.... and who knows where that will lead.


crafty said...

So? What is a hummingbird's attention span?

tracey petersen said...

Fancy! all because my Pete likes to think the 'our song' is one that begins with the lines
Tracey, Tracey was angry, a bad mood, a bad mood

Aunty Evil said...

You aren't alone.

The other day, I started out looking for a phone number, and before I knew it (although it was actually 2 hours later) I was printing off casserole recipes by the dozen. I don't even remember who's phone number it was now.

Don't ask me...

Fairlie said...

I can wander quite happily through the degrees of wikipedia separation!

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