Friday, August 31, 2007

Frequently Uttered Phrases

Sussanah posted recently about the phrases we frequently say to our children. And has a brilliant idea about recording them so they can automatically played back.... saves time and sanity. I think we should also record the phrases our children say most often. Around our house these words are:

1. Mom/Mooooooooooommmmmmmmm/Moooooooommmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!
2. But Mom/Mooommmm/Moooooooommmmmyyyyyy!
3. Please, Can I _____________?
4. But He/She started it!
5. I had that first!!
6. Just five more minutes?
7. Have you seen my ______________________?
8. That's not fair!
9. Come see what Abby is doing to/on/with eggs/crayons/markers/Vick's Vapor Rub/yogurt/peanut butter/cream/dishwasher detergent/water/toilet paper OR some combination of these items.
10. Where's Dad? (because he's the softie)

The repetition, frequency and combination of these phrases has consequences for Mommy. Should I take two Advil or three? One glass of wine or two? One bottle of wine or two? Do we have any spirits? Are there any narcotics in the medicine cabinet? How many would be too many? Mixing pills and alcohols is bad, right? Really bad.


Angel said...

Maddison always says I forgot. She only forgets when it has to do with cleaning. I think I'm going to change my name to Daddy.

Aunty Evil said...


Give me your bloody address and I will send you that wine myself! You cannot be relied upon to get it done properly...


Danielle said...

Maddy always says "you don't have to ask me twice!" funny thing is I always have to!

I love when you realise it is just your voice coming out of another persons mouth!

Sussanah said...

At the moment Imogen's response to my NO! is "Ok, how bout ..."
ie when I say "No you can't rip up all the flowers"
she says "Ok, how bout one flower"
I have a grave fear of her becoming a laywer or a polititian

Stomper Girl said...

When my 3-year-old comes in bawling his eyes out and starts to tell me what is wrong in his little world, he always begins with a wavery "Well, ..." which cracks me up but also makes me realise how often I must start my own sentences with that phrase.

It's great that your kids say Please before the can I? Well done you. Reward yourself with more wine for that one.

tracey petersen said...

My kids are teenagers. Their frequently uttered phrases all contain swear words.

caramaena said...

My 5 year old has turned into a teenager after a month of school. His latest word/phrase?


Fairlie said...

Your No.9 is one which is frequently uttered at our place...variations on the contents include moisturiser, kitty litter, handwash, textas...

crafty said...

I switch off as soon as I hear "muuummyyy..." so not sure what they say actually. I just murmer, "yes, dear"

(alright I'm kidding, I don't switch off -everytime-)

precious pink pumps said...

Ok, after reading them I am going to pour myself a glass of wine!! I can relate to all of them. I could add many too...but hey, the wine is calling.....

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