Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bumpy, Bumpy!

Abby comes into the bathroom just after I finished my shower this morning while I am attempting to both hang onto towel (because every parent knows that bathrooms are very rarely private) and brush my teeth. Of course the towel, ahem... gapes a bit in the back, exposing some tush. Abby gives me a pat on the bare bottom and says:

"Bumpy! Bumpy!"

Thankyouverymuch, Abs! And unless you find someway around being female... you too will be gifted with cellulite someday. And you did your part to contribute to the bumpiness my dear. Don't children have a way of completely squashing your ego! I may have to get in touch with Jennifer and find out where to find the tush cream.


Aunty Evil said...

You should have dropped your toothbrush, then bent over to pick it up. The resulting trauma from that vision would have silenced her smart mouth, at least until she is old enough to appear on Dr Phil! :)

Angel said...

I just have one thing to say moo moo dress!

tracey petersen said...

I am constantly warning my daughter of the dangers of gravity on the female form. It is never too early to start.

caramaena said...


Stomper Girl said...

She meant it admiringly I'm sure. My kids just lerve to touch the bare flesh when I appear before them in states of undress. Mothers' skin is beautiful to our babes; at least until they become teenagers. Then we will totally gross them out.

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