Friday, August 24, 2007

But Can He Moonwalk?

Flashback Friday - Rob, circa 1984 in his Leather pants, leather jacket and aviator sunglasses (now back in style). I know he was going for the cool rock star look, but now, he just looks adorable (and reminds me of J.T.). It was apparently Christmas morning, judging by the pile of presents behind him. And (you knew I was going to bring this up, Rob)it might even be the year he got the Atari. When they cost $300 (I know this because I found the box in his parents attic with the price tag still attached)!!! Must have been nice being an only child.


kirsty said...

Ha ha! GREAT photo! No wonder you wanted him :)

Fairlie said...

He looks kinda "Macaulay Culkin does cool rock star"!

What a great photo.

The Atari - I remember them well (other people's). $300?? In 1984? That was a fortune!

caramaena said...

Ah the atari. We had one and my favourite was the asteroids game.

I must ask mum how much they cost back then. $300 now is expensive enough but back then would have been a fortune! (even without the currency conversion!)

crafty said...

Ha ha. He looks so cute!

Pretty sure that's not the look he was after though!

tracey petersen said...

Fantastic! He looks like quite the poser! He must have been popular with the ladies!!

Aunty Evil said...

Woo hoo!

IF ya want ma BARDY
AND ya think ahm seXy...

Stomper Girl said...

Great photo. I love when kids think they are soooo cool.

Re the whole only-child expensive present thing. In my heart I'm anti-spoiling. How can kids value stuff if they are showered with belongings? And my wallet can't manage it anyway. But damn, now I've got kids I just want to buy them everything. I'm surprised by how much.

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