Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Husband of Mine!

Did I just hear him groan when he read that title?

Rob really is the glue that holds our family together. He is calm when I am panicky. If someone is bleeding, Rob can do damage assessment, triage, first aid, apply ice, etc. while I am repeating: "Oh My God! Oh My God!" over and over again and trying to find the phone to call 911.

I, quite stupidly, cannot seem to fathom that two-almost-three-yearolds are not people with whom you can reason. Me: "It is 10 p.m. Abby! Why aren't you in bed? Mommy is tired. Go to sleep please!" Rob reminds me of that complete uselessness of this by saying: "You do realize you are arguing with a two year old?"

He is organized while I am, uh, slightly unorganized. His vehicle has a trash can while mine has trash everywhere (in my defense, the kids usually ride in my car). Our budget is loaded into excel and kept tidy and I just hand over receipts.

Yesterday, I asked him if it was a picnic being married to me and he said: "Yep. Ants and all."

He is fantastically sarcastic and always has a good one-liner for stupid comments and stupid people. Though he doesn't pick his socks up off the floor, doesn't do laundry and creates some truly frightening concoctions in the kitchen (think canned vegetable soup served over macaroni noodles with cheese tossed in), brings the kids some treat every time he goes to the store and has his very own room full of Star Wars figures .... The kids, they like him best (trust me, I asked) and, if I don't want a mutiny, I guess I'll have to keep him around! ;-P

Love ya, babe!


Rob said...

Wow!!! I never knew I was such a catch. We may have to renegotiate my salary. You forgot to mention what a stud I am in the bedroom...and on the couch...and in the kitchen...and on the dining room table...and in the driveway...and in the hot tub...and in the swimming pool...and on the recliner...and...well you get the point. ;-)

Abby will come to me first because she knows that she can get her way with me just be hugging me and saying "Pease Daddy, can I...". JT is just trying to stay on my goodside because he knows I like to give gifts and he wants to continue playing in that room full of Star Wars Collectibles, not "toys".

I Love You and thank you for the kind words.

P.S. I do pick up my socks....mostly.

kirsty said...

Ha ha! "ants and all" *smirk*

Sussanah said...

Oh my, I just really did LOL at Rob's comment.

Melinda said...

Rob! You're going to blow my g-rating right out of the water!! (Big Huffy sigh here).

Angel said...

AWWWW how sweet! We are the lucky ones.

Rachael said...

LOL at Robs comment! So nice to hear about happy marriges, good on you both! You kids will thrive on it.

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