Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've Been Fired!

Just before his karate lesson last week J.T. informed me that my "job" was in danger. The conversation went something like this:

"Okay, Mom. If you don't have these cheetoh stains washed out of my shirt, my toys picked up and something for me to eat when I get back, you're gonna be fired."

I stood at the stove, cooking, took just a very few moments to let this sink in and said: "Okay." No laundry to do, no school lunches to prepare, no beds to be made, no refereeing of arguments, no cooking. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! The salary kind of sucks anyway. In fact, I think I may be paying for the privilege of working here.

Rob puts a quick halt to this exchange by saying: "You better re-hire her quick. I'm not doing it all by myself!"

So, I've now been reluctantly re-hired. I decided I needed the benefits after all.


Fairlie said...

Sounds like a clear case of unfair dismissal to me! Sometimes, I *wish* my girls would fire me... (but like you, I think I need the benefits!)

Rachael said...

stuff the benefits , I'd resign. he,he

Rachael said...

I'm still recovering from school holidays, resignation sounds good at this stage ;-)

tracey petersen said...

Just call a strike - nothing done until my list of demands is met. (I'd demand chocolate if I were you)

Rob said...

"I'd demand chocolate if I were you"

I've had to leave the house after 9:00 PM and go to the closest time saver more than once because there was no diet coke and/or chocolate in the house.

Aunty Evil said...

Tracey is right, demand chocolate, nothing else will do.

Rob sounds like a keeper! Any man willing to brave the cold or hot to buy chocolate is alright by me!

Rob said...

Melinda, pay heed to the words of Aunty Evil. She is obviously very wise. ;-)

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