Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fourteen Years!

Today marks 14 years since Rob and I went on our very first date. I was 18 and he was 20 and it was a blind date set up by friends. We crammed in one car with 2 other couples, drove an hour to this "great" steak place out in the middle of nowhere. So far out in the middle of nowhere that the concept of Air Conditioning had yet to make it there. South Georgia in the middle of July in a crowded restaurant with NO AC is insanely hot!

And since I spent most of my day rushing around searching for "the" perfect outfit (how times change, now I just look for something that A) fits, B) has no stains and C) is comfortable), I was starving! The girl sitting next to me eats three or four bites of her shrimp, and lest I be branded a pig, I also claim I am full (stupid, cowardly teenager that I was). And watch in hungry jealousy as the boys continue to eat with gusto!

As we are leaving, we are almost accosted by some drunk rednecks who are in search of a good Saturday Night Brawl! I won't ever forget the look on Rob's face as he hands me his glasses, just in case.

Can you believe that we even went on a second date? Alas, the other couples are long since broken up, but here we are 14 years later (9 of them married), two beautiful (and one of them atrocious) children and a mortgage later. Love ya, babe. In all ways and always. (Ain't that sappy!)


Rachael said...

congratulations guys! And your dress is beautiful!!!

crafty said...

Sappy is good. And congrats from me too.

Rob said...

That was quite a night. It was a good steak. I remember being a little miffed that I'd just shelled out $25 for Melinda's dinner and she only ate 5 bites. She's not kidding about how hot it was, and in order to look impressive I went with a cowboy decor...jeans, boots, and a long sleeve button up shirt...having no idea that the place we were going didn't have air. I'll admit that I did look sexy, but it's hard to maintain sexy when the sweat kicks your anti-perspirant to the curb and soaks your shirt. Melinda was looking sexy too in her jeans and sleeveless button up shirt and I did an admirable job of not staring at her boobs.....that night. ;-) The redneck fight thing is true also, I really thought the three of us guys were going to have to fight that night, which would've been interesting since my soaked shirt was restricting my arm movement....that and the fact that my only true fight experience occurred in sixth grade....I won by the way. Melinda even smooched me that night, I don't know if it was admiration that I was willing to fight or guilt for eating only $2.43 worth of a $25 dinner, or the cowboy boots....I didn't care, I got to smooch a hot girl along with chest to chest contact with the aforementioned boobs. But really what attracted me most to Melinda that night....and this is going to sound cliche, especially after all the above boob talk.....was that she was smart. I had gone out with some dumb girls in the past, I'm talking "ain't seen the football since the kickoff" dumb. But Melinda was smart, witty, sexy, hot, and she had big boobs. Rob had found his dream girl. Words can't adequately describe how I feel about Melinda, so I'll just say that I Love You babe...Always and All Ways.

Interesting note: I used "Always and All Ways" first and Melinda stole it from me.

Another Interesting Note: I took that line from a Daredevil comic book...who says comic geeks don't know how to talk to women.

kirsty said...

Ha ha!! That first date sounds like a cracker! Congratulations :D

tracey petersen said...

Does Rob have his own blog? He should. I was quite impressed that he was able to say what you were wearing that night, until I see that the ogling brings the memory!
Congratulations on the milestone. Hey nice to meet you too, first time I've seen a photo.

Melinda said...

Rob, are you determined to sink my G-rating? Is it your mission in life? Get your own blog, you boobaholic!

Fairlie said...

Rob so needs his own blog...some of his comments are longer that my posts! And I think the number of boobs he managed to squeeze in will definitely get you at least a PG rating!

I'm still laughing at the image of him handing his glasses to you.

Sussanah said...

My man always says 'nine out of ten men love women with big boobs..and the other one is gay'

ps Rob, Andrew also says he has won every fight in his life....by 100 metres

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