Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Marketing Executive's Dream

My son is.

He believes our lives would be better if we only had that little gadget that lets you turn tomatoes into flowers and apples into swans. Not that he eats either of those items. But boy do they look cool.

That cream stuff that fixes knicks and gouges on leather and upholstery is popular as well. Might have something to do with child-created damage that could be magically fixed with this wonder gel.

Good thing he hasn't caught the colon-cleansing infomercial, huh?

He gets this from me. Despite years of product disappointment, I truly believe that this new stay-put all day lipstick will indeed stay put and not turn my lips into something that resembles dried clay. After all, the commercial says it does. Would Halle Berry lie?


Anonymous said...

Butter wouldn't melt in Halle Berry's mouth - or is it 'I can't believe it's not butter'?

bluemountainsmary said...

I loathe those lipsticks that leave your mouth feeling like that.

Which is why I mainly wear gloss. If anything!

This implement which converts veges and fruit into something attractive might appeal to my Margot too. Not that she would eat them either.

M said...

In a previous life I was a devotee of all-day lipstick. Now its lip-liner and lip gloss all the way. My old lips need the moisture.

Team SAK said...

Nothing like uv factor lipbalm to protect and glam the lips at low cost. Need to Lash out( ie open the wallet and spend $ on) on a new lipstick today- had limited shopping ability but got a Christian Dior 50 % off which still set me back $22. Who would pay $45 for lip paint??? Guess someone must!!! Now I remember why I ( and my wallet) love lip balm/gloss.
Let us know if they all day lipstick really is all day and doesn't make your lips feel like plastic.

Melinda said...

Clay. They are dried clay. Halle is a liar. Lip gloss it is. Even though I always forget to put it in my purse. At least I'll start my day with purty, moist lips!

Fairlie said...

What? There's a gadget that turns a tomato into flower? I did a whole year of Food and Nutrition when I was in Year 8 at high school, and the sum total of my learning was how to turn a tomato into a flower by hand (equipped with a knife). Don't tell me this knowledge is now obsolete?

Anonymous said...

I have a thingy that turns carrots into roses. My son thinks it's the best. Every home should have one.

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