Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Mixed Bag.... Again!

So you're probably getting a little sick of these directionless, what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation type posts. But there is so much I need to tell you that you'll just have to suffer through with me.

Here is our new baby.

Sophie was born May 21st. We picked her out of the litter last weekend and she is settling in as the (too) much adored family pet. Abby and J.T. love to pretend she is chasing them as they run about the yard screaming in "terror" while she happily chases them. Abby's scream could shatter glass and ear drums miles away, I tell you, miles! The girl has informed us that Sophie is her dog.

J.T. has been attending Wildlife Camp this week. All the snakes, birds, tarantulas, turtles and frogs a boy could possibly dream of seeing have been on display. The Wildlife Center educates the local public about native species and also does rescue and rehabilitation work for injured animals. Living in a small college town can be a very, very good thing.

J.T. also slammed his finger in the door. I think the nail is going to come off. Very gross. Of course it is the finger. It's always the finger that gets injured. Could it be because it is the longest one? And he has to show everyone the damaged finger. By itself. Many of our family and friends have unintentionally been given the finger this week.

A pair of house wrens has chosen the columns on our front porch as a nesting sight. Their four babies are losing their down, hopping (or falling?) down from the nest and unwittingly marching into the jaws of death of the two cats who live next door.

Rob and I even fit in a little landscaping work. We staked our badly leaning maple tree in the front yard. When we finished, I looked at Rob and asked: "Pretty good, huh. Let's quit our day jobs and become landscapers."

I can't repeat what he said.


Rob said...

It rhymed with 'luck too'.

And its a MIGHTY OAK, not a maple.

Team SAK said...

Sophie is gorgeous! KIngsley is very jealous about your new puppy.

Stomper Girl said...

The amount of laughter a new scampery pet brings into the lives of your children makes up for all the extra work and bad smells, in my opinion. What a cute puppy.

Some idiot kids at Climber's school have taught him to refer to the finger as "the naughty finger" which drives Fixit and me nuts; it means that finger only has one association in the kids minds and while it's useful for expressing anger sometimes, it is also capable of other uses and indeed innocence... like pen-holding and piano for instance. But what is it's name? Thumb, index, ring and pinkie.. what DO you call the tall one. Actually at crèche they refer to it as "tallman" in one of the nursery rhymes but that seems wrong anywhere else.

Sorry for taking over your combox with a dissertation on fingers. I do hope JT's gets better soon.

M said...

Oh, the little puppy. I have a feeling there will be a puppy at Residence EasternMax one day. But given we can hardly cope with the cats I'm not sure how it will go.

Aunty Evil said...

Gorgeous little puppy!

I wonder how long it's going to be before that tree is holding the stake straight? Not long, I bet!

bluemountainsmary said...

The joy a young animal brings is wonderful - I just love our Jack!!

Is that little one really less than a month old? What breed is she?

Enough questions!

peppermintpatcher said...

I'm cetain that Sophie will be impressed by your staking efforts too. Has she knocked it over and chewed up the stake yet?

Stomper - in Qld it is called the rude finger.

Melinda said...

Well if I haven't proved yet that I'm no math whiz, I certainly did this time! Mary I should have said that Sophie was born on APRIL 21st. She is about 7 weeks old now.

I remember the "tall man" thing too Stomper. My mother used to sing: "Where is Thumpkin!" to her preschoolers.

Fairlie said...

It's the rude finger at my girls' school too!

Nice landscaping. You guys should get your own gardening show on TV. You could make a whole series out of staking maples (or oaks)- perhaps the first episode should be on how to tell an oak from a maple?

crafty said...

Thanks for elaborating Rob!

I was curious.

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