Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This is for M of Easternmax. I have never seen any southern gentleman dressed like the old man in the intro. Linen suits are popular among the genteel in summer, but this Colonel Sanders look isn't familiar.

I'm sure that, unlike Mr. Berendt says, some people have indeed been disappointed by Savannah. Ask Rob. He hates those lovely historic squares. They are one way, mostly single lanes where driving is complicated by negotiating amongst endless carraiges and trolleys.

It really is a gorgeous city. Rob was surprised that ya'll were so fascinated by our Savannah trip. He thinks you have a romanticized view of the city. I do too, though. There are some truly unique places there and a lot of great history from many different eras.


M said...

thank you thank you!

I just loved that book. I can understand Rob's point of view. Loads of people want to visit Perth in WA (my home city). It is a fabulous place with the best beaches in Oz BUT when you know the annoying parts of a city you tend to focus on those.

Savannah (and Statsboro) are definitely on my list of places to visit when I get a chance to do our "East Coast tour" of the US.

Fairlie said...

Between you, I think you and Rob should be on the payroll for the Southern Tourist Board. You've certainly made me add Savannah (and the south in general) to my "to visit one day" list.

Aunty Evil said...

how are we supposed to hear the video with the music playing?

I just love the name of Savannah. I love how it sounds on my tongue, all Australian-like "sivana".

I always liked the way Montana made my mouth feel too. Not to mention the idea of cowboys. mmm mmmm. All that leather, sweaty skin, yeehaaaing and horseflesh. And that's just me!

twolimeleaves said...

La la la la la la la la la, I'm not listening to you. Don't tell me that Savannah is not like the movie, because I just KNOW it is. I loved the Savannah in that movie.

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