Thursday, June 19, 2008

My South

In My South... elders are addressed as "ma'am" and "sir". It is a gesture of respect for the wisdom they have earned in life.

In My South... macaroni and cheese is a vegetable.

In My South... hand-made quilts are a precious heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

In My South... the good china is to be used NEVER! Everyday china is for everyday and the fine china you receive as a wedding gift is simply for decorating the china cabinet.

In My South... there are no mint julep drinkers. GROSS! Who thought mint, confectioner's sugar and booze was a good idea?

In My South... we take care of each other. If you are sick are grieving, we're bringing you some food. Food makes everything better.

In My South... thank you notes are a must! My mother helped me make a list following my high school graduation so I could check off everyone to whom I had written a thank you note. When I got married, I clipped out an article from Bride's magazine about the art of the wedding gift thank you note. I still have it.

In My South... wearing white after labor day or before Easter is still taboo.

In My South... music tells a life story. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass. My favorites are Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Jr., Louie Armstrong, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In My South... we pronounce neither and either two ways (nye-ther and neether, Eye-ther and EE-ther).

In My South... coke is the universal name for a regular flavor soft drink. We even call Pepsi coke. The quickest way to figure out if someone is a transplant is if they say "pop" or "soda" instead of coke. Well, that and the yankee accent.

In My South... children respect their parents and always, always obey them. Not really, that's just a pipe dream of mine. That post would have to be titled: "In My Dream World...."

And Aunty.... scroll down and pause the player if you need to listen to the youtube stuff!


M said...

Well I'm relieved that there is one place left in the world where thank you notes are considered important!

Oops, I think I'm wearing white and it's after the Queen's Birthday Long weekend here. Is it okay to wear a white shirt?

Team SAK said...

Thanks Melinda - a lovely complementary entry to Rob's "south". LIke M said - applaud the attitude to thank you notes. They are sometimes a rare commodity in todays fast paced email world.

Aunty Evil said...

So if you can't wear white before Easter, when exactly does the "before" start? Because the day AFTER Easter is actually BEFORE next Easter!

Aussies do the same with the words either and neither.

I still like the sound of the South.

Love the accent too!

Anonymous said...

I wear white anytime of the year. Not something that has been an issue for Australians, I don't think! (And on what grounds would you not wear white? *Why* is it not acceptable? ) We do the neither / either thing too, and call soft drink... soft drink. (Funny that).

Anonymous said...

What happens if you wear white? What colour should you be wearing in its place? Who thought of that rule? Why is it considered important?

So many questions from just one rule!

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes we are all intrigued by the "white" rule obviously.

If I could "favourite" this post like I can a photo on Flickr I would!

Stomper Girl said...

My mother-in-law likes a mint julep. I nearly spat it out when I tasted it.

Poor old good china. Sitting so lonely in the cupboard, getting so jealous of the everyday china.

Melinda said...

White is considered a summer color. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. So no white between then and easter. Of course you can wear WINTER white. That's different. You know, like ecru and eggshell are different.

I don't understand why thank you notes are a lost art. I've gotten some terse: "Thank you for the towel set" and "Thank you for the money" followed by a scrawled signature. That's not a note, it's a legality!

Fairlie said...

Thank you notes are a little obsession of mine...and I couldn't agree more about the terse minimal approach being a legality rather than a note. Worse still are the preprinted cards which say "Thank you for your gifts and best wishes" which require no personalisation whatsoever. When I get one of those I often wonder why they even bothered.

Your south sounds like a most excellent place.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I want to live in 'your south' too!

caramaena said...

I know Chickie would like to think that macaroni and cheese was a vegetable...

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