Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Years Ago

I married Rob. June 6, 1998. The thinking was that having an anniversary that coincided with the historic events at Normandy on June 6, 1944 would make it easier to remember. No, that's not true. It just seemed like a great date for a June wedding. Here we are, younger, less gray and just as in love as we are today.

Due to the joys of parenthood, work obligations and vacation dates, we took our annual Savannah trip a week early. Why Savannah? It is the nearest city with a large mall, several bookstores, and some great restaurants.

We don't do the classic Savannah romantic tour. We've been there and done that several times over. So there was no visit to the Owens-Thomas house (even though it is my absolute favorite place to visit in Savannah), no luncheon at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, no carriage tour, no stroll through the Mercer house or the Telfair Museum.

There was a trip to two book stores.

A 30 minute wait in line at New York & Company, complete with grumpy mother of newborn triplets who was exceptionally rude to the salesperson on duty. A stock-up of J.T.'s favorite shirts (on sale!) at Old Navy. A cute, corny photo both picture of Rob and I. Two book stores and a new camera from the electronics store.

The latest Indiana Jones movie (when did Harrison Ford get old?). A delicious drink before a scrumptious meal. A new pair of shoes with dangerously high heels that, in an example of cognitive dissonance, I both love and hate. They are beautiful. They kill my feet. As you can see, Abby loves them too!

We bought Abby some new lip gloss (the thing at the moment in the 3 age bracket) and some new color wonder paper. J.T. scored some Batman action figures and they both got books and a new leapster (the old one got left outside last summer. Rain and electronic devices don't mix). Rob spent most of his anniversary money at the toy store.

It was a lovely day with my beloved. Happy Anniversary Rob.


bluemountainsmary said...

aaaahhh between you and the cellblock I feel as though I got the perfect run down on your anniversary trip.

Happy Anniversary you two and many many more (as your label says)


M said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love the shoes!!! How about a sneak peak on your feet?

Team SAK said...

Best wishes for many more decades of wedded bliss!

Fairlie said...

I reckon having newborn triplets entitles you to a bit of grumpiness...I think I'd be grumpy off the scale if I had triplets.

Sounds like you had a great trip to Savannah. Happy anniversary to you both!

And I love the shoes!!

Fairlie said...

And...YAY! I got The Proclaimers again on your playlist...

alice said...

Happy anniversary. I am jealous. Of one of your items. Of which one, do you think?

Stomper Girl said...

How are you LESS grey than you were ten years ago?? It's all that cleaning you do isn't it???

Happy anniversary, lovebirds. 6th of June is a very auspicious day. (I was born on it)

Sussanah said...

Nice man lady stash you've got there hon, two of my all time favourites, Trouble with Valentines day, LOVE Rachel Gibson and of course the supreme goddess of all that is good in man lady lit Jennifer Crusie.

I tell you, I'm saving my dollars so you can take me on a tour of Savannah.

Precious Pink Pumps said...

Happy Anniversary!! What an achievement, huh? Ten years.
And honey, the them. Remember, beauty is pain. Wear them well honey.

Georgie said...

Happy Anniversary!
6th of June is a great day, it's my son's birthday too.

Love your blog, now Soozadoo's all famous and not posting I need somewhere to hang out xxx

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