Monday, May 19, 2008


Rob's Mom called me last night. In a panic. She and Rob's dad have BOTH lost their keys to her van. Hers have been AWOL for a while. Mr. John lost his in the last three days. They are down to one valet key.

Since Abby was seen in the vicinity of the last known location of the missing key,she is suspect number one. J.T. was home sick Thursday and Friday, so he is suspect number two.

My instructions were to: "If you would, question them separately and see if they tell you anything." Which made me laugh. I had visions of a spy movie scenario playing in my head. Rob and I playing 'good cop, bad cop' with our two suspects. I'm sure Rob would be the good cop. It would go something like this:

"So, young Mr. Cannady. Here's how this is going down. We know you did it. Your sister squealed like a stuck pig. We have the evidence. Confess everything and we might let you off easy. Oh, you want to play it tough wiseguy? Well, I've got all afternoon. And there will be no Spiderman, no Star Wars until we're done here, see?"

"Well little Miss Cannady. Think your smart, do you? We're on to you. We know what you've done. That brother of yours spilled everything. EVERYTHING. Tell us where the keys are hidden. There will be no chocolate pudding unless you give it up, little lady."

Since I figured that might not go so well, I just asked them if they had seen the keys with the red tag on them. Nope. This isn't the first time the in-laws have misplaced the keys. Here's hoping my two had nothing to do with it this time.


Stomper Girl said...

I think you could only be in the CIA if you never had to interrogate your own children. You've got the theory down pat but the will of steel, somewhat lacking....

alice said...

Heh, gimmedakeysandtheirwon'tbeanybumssmacked.

alice said...
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Fairlie said...

Last year, when we were getting ready for my brother's wedding, the first car load of family left, then The Poolboy went to get his keys to drive the second car, only to discover they were missing. The Impossible Princess sat back and watched four of us turn the house upside down looking for them, and then right at the point we were about to call a cab (realising we'd be sooooo late anyway) she said, innocently as anything, "Are you looking for the carkeys? I know where they are." She'd put them into a large envelope. Grrrr.

Let's just say, there was Bad Cop, and there was Bad Cop.

Sussanah said...

If I was on a jury and someone went on a killing frenzy after losing their keys, I wouldn't convict them

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