Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hormone Possession

I have descended into the gloom of PMS. You can call me Mrs. Hyde this week. Dr. Jekyll will return to duty sometime around the weekend.

For now, the kids are monstrous, Rob is their co-conspirator and everyone in this entire cosmos is aligned against me in a universal desire to plot my downfall.

There is the really happy lady on my workout video who smiles way too big and doesn't sweat while I struggle to find the energy to finish my workout while breaking a very unattractive sweat that makes my hair frizz. Someone drank the last diet coke in the fridge at work. J.T. knocked over an entire glass of sweet tea on my freshly, not-even-dry-yet, mopped floor. Abby picked all the bulbs off my Tiger Lily. The rose bushes have aphids. The van has a flat tire. The grocery store was out of bananas. The finance report for April is off by 53 cents and I can't figure out where. Rob bumped me (though he swears he didn't) and I broke the camera. Yes, yes I know I've dropped it all on my own before, but not this time. This time it was all his fault. BUT WAIT! I was trying to take my weekly shop photo at the time, so maybe the blame for that belongs to M and Fairlie?


Princess Abigail .... said...

I suspect my Mama and you are on the same wavelength here .... are you two conspiring? She just went apesh*t because of a long series of 'nothing'eventers like this .... could this be telepathy??? I'm watching the two of you!!!
Abigail, aged 2, France

bluemountainsmary said...

You and me both. I have it on more experienced blogger authority that just like share houses women bloggers can get their periods at the same time!


Rob said...

Oh Joy!

Stomper Girl said...

Me too honey. Boy did the Climber cop it for not being able to find his @*$%ing shoes this morning.

I prescribe some chocolate, and a lot of peace & quiet for you.

Signed Doctor Stomper.

Fairlie said...

Man...I'm sneaking away quietly...before I get blamed for anything else!

Sussanah said...


Are you insane? Back away, don't make eye contact, nothing to see here.

Nothing is funny, NOTHING!

peppermintpatcher said...

Who the hell would have the nerve to drink the last diet coke. That is outrageous!

Rob said...

Shouldn't have picked the apple.

Danielle said...

Wow, I'm eating our house out of sweets, can only mean one thing!

Fluid retention makes my brain mushy and my moods even mushier.

Let's hope next week the diet can be resumed and the exercise doesn't seem quite so ugly.


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