Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Little Things

I've noticed that it seems like it's the little things that mean my day is good or not so good. The small little comforts that change an ordinary day into a pretty good one. A hand-ful of semi-sweet chocolate chips. A weed bouquet from the kids. Crepe Myrtles in full bloom. A glass of sweet tea on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day. A sweet email from Rob. An unexpected visit from your best friend (hey Angel). My favorite sing-along-song on the radio. Discovering a new author to add to my "must-buy" list. A poignant, sweet or funny blog post by one of my favorite bloggers.

Just so Sussanah doesn't leak hate at all this Hallmark sweetness, I have to add that some days its the small things that send me right into madwoman mode. Crackers crushed into freshly vacuumed carpet. Glue all over the kitchen table from an art project gone wild. Socks left on the den floor (I think we all know I mean yours, Rob). MARKER ON THE WALL OUTSIDE My OFFICE DOOR. You know who the guilty party is on that one. One red light too many on the way home. A stain on my favorite blouse.


bluemountainsmary said...

Sitting with a cup of tea in the dawn hours watching a new puppy play


Wet bathtowels all over my bathroom, and dirty laundry strewn through my bedroom because my bathroom has the family bath in it!

Stomper Girl said...

Rob! Pick up your socks. And send Melinda a lovely email. Stat!

Happy to help, Melinda, have a great day!

M said...

Northern sun streaming into my once dark courtyard


Driving 40 minutes to swimming lessons to find that PL's swim goggles are still at home.

Rob said... it my turn now to do a blog on the little things that Melinda does (repeatedly) that send me into a Yosamite Sam muttering fit..."rassum, frassum..."?

Mary..we're getting a puppy in a few weeks...don't tell JT and Abby.

Rob said...

I almost forgot....

Stomper...don't make me come to Australia...because I will...I mean it...I'm not kidding...actually I am...I don't fly and its a long way to float.

crafty said...

Oh yes. The little things are definitely the difference.

peppermintpatcher said...

singing along to a loud song


forgetting something at the shop and having to go back the next day

Melinda said...

Rob, there are lots of sharks between us and Australia. The big ones, too. Wouldn't it be easier to pick up your socks?

alice said...

Great summaries :)

Aunty Evil said...

There's not that many sharks, and besides, it will make the trip more interesting.

Just don't wear the socks. Sharks are attracted to things that smell like dead carcasses.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I Love all of your things that turn the day to crap....I think all Mum's feel the same way about glue on the bench and food on the carpet, Gives you the sh*ts!

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