Monday, July 7, 2008

Pretty Lady

My lovely Grandmother, wearer of Muu Muus and lover of Bingo,had a stroke two weeks ago. She has been doing quite well and is impressing her therapists with her strength and improvement. Since she was found unconscious on June 24th she has progressing from a breathing machine to breathing on her own, responding with nods and a shake of her head to questions she's asked, pointing for things she wants and getting from the bed to a chair and back with assistance. She's 89 and a half. Halves are important when you're small and when you're almost 90 I think.

This happened very suddenly and some pretty quick decisions had to be made regarding whether or not to put her on a breathing machine or to use other measures to help her. I think her quick progress has helped everyone believe that the right decision was made. She is as sharp as ever and is expected to return to good health pretty quickly.

Below you see my grandfather, her husband. Quite handsome, isn't he? He was always a meticulously groomed man. Every hair in place, clothes neatly pressed, shoes polished daily.... and a head full of red hair. Not a garish red, as Grandmother would say, but a very pretty shade. They lived across the street from each other when they were this age, met again when they were 19 and married six months later. My favorite photo of them together is the one of them kissing on their honeymoon next to the car that his father gave them as a wedding gift.

While she's no longer the young, blond, bathing beauty you see here, 70 years later, she's still lovely. Here's hoping and praying she's back to B-19 and N-37 soon, putting on her favorite muu muus and flashing the unwary visitor (namely me!).


Team SAK said...

Good to hear your grandmother is on the way to recovery after 2 weeks. Better warn the Bingo place she is on her way back!

Rob said...

Melinda's grandmother used to send us her copy of Reader's Digest when she was done. For our benefit she would tear out all the adds so that we wouldn't be bothered by them. However, this nicety didn't come without a price. The following usually occurred within a day or two of said magazine being sent.

***Telephone Ringing***
Rob: Hello
G'Hall: Rob...this is Grandmother Hall, how are you doing
Rob: I'm fine, how are you.
G'Hall: I'm alright. Did you get the Reader's Digest I sent.
Rob: (thinking to self...we have a Reader's Digest) Uhhmm, yes ma'am. Sure did.
G'Hall: And.....
Rob: (thinking to self...uh oh) was really good. (fingers crossed)
G'Hall: Wasn't it nice of me to tear out all those aggravating ads. Why do they want to put all those ads in there. You have to turn and turn pages just to get to the story. I just don't understand why they do that. Why do they do that?

***Long Pause***

Rob: (finally realizing that she's stopped talking).....Yes Ma'am. Thank You.(crossed fingers) Here's Melinda.
G'Hall: Thank you dear, we love you.
Rob: Love you too.

bluemountainsmary said...

Wow - what a passionate kiss !! And I just love that his hair was a "pretty shade of red". Now there's a phrase for a novel.

I wish a continued speedy recovery for your 89 and a half years old grandmother.

Stomper Girl said...

Love the photos. Your grandma had a pretty decent pair of pins on her! I hope she continues to improve.

M said...

Oh I love those old photos!

And I love reading Rob's additional information. Just so, y'know, we get the full picture. I especially love the "yes ma'am"

Thoughts with your grandmother for a full and speedy recovery. Sounds like she's purpose-built for kicking on.

Fairlie said...

I'm wondering if flashing means the same thing for you as it does for us. If it does, your Grandmother obviously is one heck of a character! Wishing her the speediest and fullest of recoveries so she can resume her flashing duties.

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