Friday, July 25, 2008


M from Easternmax has inspired our household to attempt something novel. We have implemented a drying rack in our laundry routine. I confess that I don't use it ALL the time. It is used primarly for sheets, towels and under clothes. Sophie, the puppy, prevents us from using it outdoors, where drying time in the hot sun would be greatly reduced. We do prefer our clothes not chewed, so.... a compromise was in order.

Rack drying is perfect for towels. I like them a little crinkly. Makes me feel like I've had a good spa scrub. Who needs a loofah?

We are using a little less electricity too. Despite the fact that our bill shows that we have used LESS kilowatts this month, our bill still went up $68! It appears that the economic principle of supply and demand is at work.


bluemountainsmary said...

She inspired me too - I still use the dryer way too much but hoping to redress the balance when we return to Sydney.

I do use the rack more regularly because of M.

And doesn't that last sentence sound bizarre?

Stomper Girl said...

I like my towels a little crinkly too.

M said...

Oh I am so proud of you!!! And Mary, and Stomper Girl because she is the original No Dryer fan.

The whole electricity thing is confusing. I opened our electricity bill tonight, hopeful that after two months of no or little dryer usage it would have gone down. But no, I swear it's gone up. Can't figure it out but I will press on regardless.

Oh, and I love a crinkly towel. They feel so much more absorbent and save on loofahs.

Rob said...

When your electric bill is $65 more (not sure what the exchange rate is between dollars and rubles or koala bears or whatever ya'll use for currency down under) than the previous month and you used LESS electricity....that's legalized extortion.

I tried giving them our dog as payment but they wouldn't take her...maybe if I had a koala bear.

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