Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Listmaker and an Assistant Chef

We are going through paper rather quickly. Good thing we recycle!

J.T. is making lists. Lists of his favorite cartoon characters, lists of his favorite "vilens" (villians), lists of super heroes and lists of sheep he counts to fall asleep.

Can you tell he is a phonetic speller? He also applies the 'exception' spelling rules to most words: silent 'e' on the end of most words, 'ch' instead of just a 'c' as in Schooby Doo instead of Scooby Doo, 'ck' instead of just a 'k'. I'll save my pushy curriculum lecture for another post.

He likes everything just so. His favorite teachers are calm and organized. Creative chaos would drive him bonkers. I went to move some of his little plastic figures from his bed the other day and he said: "MOM! I had them in order!"

Abby, on the other hand, finds order a little too confining. She is in constant motion and is unafraid to try anything for the first time, except vegetables, of course.

She helped me bake a cake for Mama's birthday last weekend (don't worry Mama, I'm not going to give away your age!). I didn't realize that not all of the flour made it into the cake until I found these on my dining room wall.

Some days I wish I could give him some of her daring and her some of his caution and order. But then I think of how unique they each are and know that I wouldn't make them different, even on the days they drive me crazy. But if they would eat their vegetables.....


bluemountainsmary said...

JT = Joe

Abby = Margot

very spooky.

The best thing about this - the photo of the list of sheep. That is just fantastic!

M said...

JT usually = Padawan Learner, except for this list thingy. That is more like Blossom. Perhaps this is an eldest thing? You know, al the extra responsibility they bear?

PL is the closest we have to a free spirit. But he's not that free, more like lives in an alternate universe. He doesn't let OUR world drag him down. His spelling, BTW, is just like JT's - let's call it 'free-association grammar'.

rhubarbwhine said...

Very sweet handprints. Shame you can't frame them, but the image will do the job.

Rob said...

No idea where he gets it, that doesn't sound at all like me.

Stomper Girl said...

I love the sheep counting list SO MUCH!! 1 sheep, 2 sheep. Divine.

Climber needs to document what is going on in his head sometimes, I think of it as a precursor to blogging.

As for your Abby and her wall decorating! I think you should reconsider the chef option and set her up as an interior decorator

peppermintpatcher said...

sheep lists...magnificent!

I love that he wants to write so much that even sheep must be listed!

Fairlie said...

I love the idea of writing a sheep list - it must be very helpful to consult when you lose count late at night!

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