Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Bling

I hate that word: "bling". Not sure why I used it.

Fairlie was fortunate enough to attend an Art Deco exhibition recently. I adore the period. The architecture, the clothes, the art work, the jewelry. Especially the jewelry.

The craftmanship of that period is, I think, unmatched. The level of detail amazes me. If ever I become wealthy, I think I'd like to have a few things like this in my jewelry box.

The ironic thing is that I very seldom wear jewelry. I love to look at it, but Rob can tell you that most of what I actually own, with the exception of my wedding rings and an anniversary ring he gave me, is unworn. Actually, I enjoy wearing it. I just never remember to go to the trouble of putting it on.


bluemountainsmary said...

That ring is exactly the sort of ring I would choose too.

There is an antiques shop up the road that sells art deco pieces of jewellery in its collection. I can be found drooling over the cabinet periodically.

I have been given a lot of jewellery by my very generous husband over the years but the only constant is my wedding ring. These days I am lucky if I put studs in my ears.

M said...

Ooh, nice ring.

I'm not much of a bling wearer myself. It just seems like a lot of fuss and I'm not much into fuss.

I do appreciate beautiful jewellery however and sometimes wish I could put up with all the fuss to wear it.

Fairlie said...

I wouldn't say no to that ring!

I tend to wear the same jewellery day in day out. Creature of habit.

Stomper Girl said...

Fabulous ring. I wouldn't mind some art deco jewellery either. I wish my lottery win would hurry up, frankly.

I'm like you, I really have to remind myself to make an effort to wear it. My earrings are comfort studs that never get changed these days, and when I look at my collection of sparkly, dangly stuff, it just seems a waste.

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