Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Cup Runneth Over

Almost, anyway. Our septic system has been at a stand still due to this:

Luckily it didn't back-up. But no water is exiting our home. Which means we have to do this:

(note the phallic mailbox, no it's not ours, in the background, Jennifer)

So it's a good thing my father-in-law has one of these:

because it's saving us thousands of dollars.

and we can do this:

in Ma Ma's 'cuzzi (jacuzzi) tub.


crafty said...

Hey, that all looks rather dramatic.

Guess what? Rob has the same birthday as my husband.

M said...

It's comforting to know that septic systems behave the same way the world over...blurgh

Stomper Girl said...

Ohmigod, you've drowned your children in bubbles? Surely there was a less drastic solution than that?

Anonymous said...

It looks like all bubble and no water!

bluemountainsmary said...

Septic tank backed up and not living next to in laws sounds like it would have been very bad.

Very bad indeed.

Danielle said...

I'm loving the look of those bubbles!

I want one of those baths, and a glass of wine to go with it, that would work well.


Melinda said...

Ha. It does look like they're drowning in bubbles, doesn't it? Indeed we did have to fish Abby out a few times. It was mostly bubbles with very little water. Kid heaven.

Aunty Evil said...

That bubble bath looks fantastic! I was always disappointed in my bubble baths, I wanted one that was all froth like in the movies.

Those kids look like they got it!

Fairlie said...

So handy to have in-laws with heavy-duty earthmoving equipment in the cupboard when such occasions arise!

Hope you're getting it sorted.

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