Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Book Meme

Alice tagged me days ago for a book meme. And whilst the rest of you are reading much weightier tomes, I am engrossed in...... a paperback romance. Yes, yes, I'm bring the cultural quotient down with my contribution to the meme, but my life is dramatic enough at the moment without adding any fictional tragedy to the whirlwind spinning in my head. Soozadoo recommended this one to me: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie by Marianne Stillings. It's a light book in the vein of the Clue movie. A whodunit with some romance. I have to admit I'm really enjoying it. And I can put it down and go right to sleep.

So, on page 123, lines 4,5, and 6: "Did Max want to kiss her? Did she want him too? The bruises on my shoulder and back are killing me," she rasped, blinking, breaking eye contact with him."

I know, I know.... very romance book cliche. :-P


Aunty Evil said...

What do bruises and kisses have to do with each other. Although, the normal Mills and Boon have him giving her "bruising kisses on her lips and all down her throat to the pulse at the base of her neck and beyond, to that special place..." so I suppose it fits.

Anonymous said...

Are the bruises hickies?

bluemountainsmary said...

Love it !

Anonymous said...

Hey it had me with the punny title, she also had another one called 'Sighs Matter', love a pun

oooh evil that was very manlady! I'm impressed

Anonymous said...

oops has, not had

yes Rainman I'm an excellent writer

alice said...

The more complicated or stressful my life at the time, the less complex tomes I read. Toward the end of the year I am lucky to read the letters to the editor in the local rag.

Bruising kisses make my pulse race :)

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