Thursday, February 21, 2008


My sweet Rob turns 35 today. Happy Birthday!

He was adopted by his parents in 1976. He puts a possessive "my" in front of "dad" or "mom" when he refers to them. "Have you seen my mom?" What are we going to get my dad for his birthday." I never noticed that most of us would leave "my" out of those sentences. He's an only child and he's glad about it. He wouldn't have done well with the sharing thing.

He loves movies and old television series. Currently he's watching Dexter and Dark Shadows on DVD. Star Wars, of course, Lord of the Rings and most things fantasy and science fiction. Computer problem? Electronics? He's your man. Tell him to hurry up and he'll slow down, just to spite you. Birthday party? Social event that requires him to interact with people he doesn't choose to socialize with otherwise? He's not going. You don't want to make him. He won't pretend he's enjoying himself or make social small talk. If he doesn't have anything to say, all you'll get is silence.

He's not really a people person. He has no tolerance for stupidity and isn't above having a little bit of mockery fun with your run-of-the-mill idiot. Sarcasm is his strength and he uses it with great effect. It's one of the reasons I love him.

This is a man who likes order. Our books are arranged by genre, our DVDs are alphabetized, our pantry is organized, we have a spreadsheet budget and he takes a calculator to the grocery store. Another reason I love him. He is certainly a balance for my lack of organizational skills.

And how can you not love a guy who gladly serves as castle cleaner for his little girl? Now why doesn't he take direction from ME like that? He and J.T. are "best buds." His children adore him. He picks Abby up from school at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays and eats lunch with J.T. each Wednesday. He's very protective of his family. He's already planning Abby's dating years. I think we have a "dating my daughter" application saved on our PC. The current theory is that she can date two years after her father dies.

J.T. and Abby: "Being Daddy."

He keeps my cell phone charged and in my purse because he knows I won't remember to do it. He brings me flowers home with the groceries and pitches in with the chores: laundry, dishes, straightening (he's really, really, good at this), and yardwork. And avoids me when I have PMS. Did I mention how intelligent he is?

Happy Birthday Rob! We're celebrating tonight with Dinner (shrimp scampi with pasta, salad, fresh bread) and chocolate cake!


Rob said...

Thanks babe. This was the best gift you could've given me today.....well, this and sex.....well, this, sex, and a backrub.

I Love You.

M said... I came over to wish Rob a happy birthday and it seems like I've interrupted a *private* conversation...

So here's my quick "Happy Birthday" and now I'll scamper away and leave you to chat amongst yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure that he factors those flowers into the budget and adds their cost, with the calculator, to the total bill.

Happy birthday Rob. You and Sussanah are very nearly twins. Quite terrifying to consider.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

We have the same Miss Scatterbrain / Mister Organised dynamic in our house and it works very well.

Team SAK said...

Best wishes for a fabulous birthday. Dinner sounds divine- you can send any left over cake our way! From Rob's first comment sounds like cake won't be the only desert on the menu!

Sue xx said...

Hope I haven't interrupted anything!

Happy Birthday Rob .......

alice said...

Wow, great man. Great birthday. After you have blown out the candles, see if you can clone him and send him to me.

Fairlie said...

Happy birthday to Rob! Hope there was a few figurines among your birthday present stash today?

Aunty Evil said...

Ohhh, look at you all there, what a nice family shot!

Happy birthday Rob. You have a good wife, so you are a lucky bloke. You have a lot in common with MDH. One of his main reasons for being a mad-assed photographer is that he can be at social events without actually having to mingle. Everyone sees him with the camera and says "oh, there's MDH, isn't it great that he is so willing to take photos? Hi MDH!" to which they invariably get a reply of "smile! thanks, have a good time, bye..."

bluemountainsmary said...

I;m sorry this is so belated and also it is late at night and I am typing in the dark

and I may have had a few wines,,,

so apologies for any typos

but anyway Happy Birthday Rob and you sound like you may well be a HA too !

We love sarcastic......

Melinda said...

Alice, two Rob's would probably alter the path of the earth around the sun. That's too many!

Tracey, Sussanah & Rob as twins, shudder.

Anonymous said...

My man doesn't do preordained fun either, 'party' is not a verb. He's not fond of people, he believes the more you like the less it means.

All the best people are born in February.

ps Melinda, Hallmark called they seem to be missing some cheese and they think you might have it

pps can I just say, I'm lovin' the pissy Mary

Precious Pink Pumps said...

What a lovely post. Happy birthday Rob.
Yes, good people are born in January and February. Those two months cover most of my nearest and dearest!
Enjoy yourselves now. x

caramaena said...

Happy belated birthday Rob :)

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