Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

I have always found that cliche ironic when applied to exercise. Isn't gain the opposite of what we are trying to achieve?

Fairlie posted on her blog about the benefits of Pilates. I believe M recommended this to her. It reminded me that I have an old Pilates tape (yes, tape... that's how long ago I purchased it) languishing in the cupboard with the other barely used exercise videos.

My weight has been creeping up ever since I got pregnant with J.T. I'm now quite embarrassed at the size label attached to the clothing in my closet. I need to be healthier and more energetic. So I dug out the Pilates tape yesterday. Those ladies have the look I long for..... long, lean, and fit without looking mannishly muscled. I thought it would be a good complement to my aerobics workout.

But dear, sweet Lord, I hurt in places I didn't know I had muscles. These poor long-ignored bits and pieces are SCREAMING at me. But I have to stick with this. No pain, no gain.


bluemountainsmary said...

And you don't want to go NEAR that Richard Simmons.

I have let things slide this week but off to exercise this morning.

God I loathe all this. I eat pretty well, I just don't exercise enough. I just want that lean body back that I used to have before the kids.

Aunty Evil said...

Is Richard Simmons still around? Oh my. What is he, like 90 now or something?

I have heard good things about Pilates, although, being the lazy type, have never tried them myself.

I should though. My new diet is working a treat, the weight is coming off, but my skin is starting to hang like a melting Michelin man.

crafty said...

I have just started playing tennis once a week.
It's the first exercise I've done in ages, I could barely walk the next day the first week.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm quite fit but Pilates has been known to make me sore. Just don't overdo it, I say. I don't really believe in pain as an exercise regime.

Anonymous said...

Me either Stomper. I think pain is a message from my body to be careful. (my body has been known to nag at times

Fairlie said...

I remember Richard Simmons - my mum used to have his album...yes, vinyl...and you had to follow along with a book of pictures.

This was all pre-video days!

Anonymous said...

eat less, move more

it just fucking sucks doesn't it

M said...

There's nothing like a VERY fit Pilates instructor to make you feel like you're getting nowhere.

Keep on paddling I say.

Oh yes, and it does hurt.

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