Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Career Change

I'm embarking on a new professional challenge. One that will allow me to fully embrace my creative side while engaging in one-on-one service with clients. Taking input and turning into unique designs and creations. What is this grand new career path you ask? Well, I've decided I want to be .....

a Plah-doh Design Consultant.

My first clients:

My latest creations. (It's an elephant, a monkey and a beach ball in case you can't figure it out).

I'm working up a list of fees. I'm thinking $2.50 for large animals, $1.50 for small animals and a $10 clean-up fee.

But I'm worried that my target audience will want to pay me in pennies, legos, comic books and gum instead of cold hard cash. Guess I better keep my day job.


bluemountainsmary said...

Yes but those creations of yours are actually pretty good.

I especially love the elephant who looks like he would love to dance!

Aunty Evil said...

Sorry, your application in this instance has been unsuccessful.

We gave the job to someone who actually knows the product's name.

Stomper Girl said...

They might pay you in cuddles, kisses and admiring looks too.

I think that is a really good new career choice. Even if I don't remember the careers counsellor listing that one when I was at school.

peppermintpatcher said...

My son yearns to make animations using clay and play dough for a living. Looks like you are off to a pretty good start.

(Yearn is a pretty good word too. It feels exactly like it should when you say it.)

soozadoo said...

Hey, I think those creations would make a kick ass header! Make some more send me the photos, best if you can photograph them on a white background, no flash and we'll go with the purple and green.

alice said...

I get to do this, every day, and get paid. (Really). Play dough is cool.
I tagged you for a meme, if you feel up to it :)

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