Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Whyning

Why is it no surprise visitors ever pop in when the house is immaculate? Only when I haven't made the beds, dishes are piled high in the sink and someone has spilled and stepped on 100 little crackers, do we have surprise visitors?

Why can't we appreciate our youth when we are young? I spent my childhood longing to be a grown-up and now I wish I could take a trip back to those days of lazing about with a good book and a stash of sugary treats.

Why are cheeseburgers more appealing than salads?

Why does the thought of excercising sound so appealing at 8 p.m. and so unappealing at 6 a.m.?

Why is my nose always cold?

Why, in spite of the fact that they are DRIVING EACH OTHER CRAZY (and me, too), can't my children stay away from each other?

Why does someone always get sick during vacation? And then the rest of us fall victim like dominoes.

Why do we never seem to have tape or glue.... even though I KNOW I just bought some?

Why does the long lost juice cup found 2 weeks later always have milk in it... never juice, or water or anything remotely less smelly than sour milk?

Why, when I see those lovely young ladies showing off their (ahem) assets on t.v. do I always think: Yeah.... give it 10 years and a couple of pregnancies... then I want to see you on t.v. showing off your assets. Of course, I'm not jealous or anything.

Why, after almost 10 years of marriage, can Rob still make me laugh?
Yesterday's conversation: "Those are my new pens. You are not to touch them under any circumstances whatsover. None. I love you." Do you think he thinks I'll lose them?


Aunty Evil said...

And why, on perusal of all the Christmas photos taken recently, do I look like a hag?

I thought I looked nice, rested, my skin looked smooth in the bathroom mirror.

Why do photos show up the shadows and bags and wrinkles?

peppermintpatcher said...

Are they star wars pens? Is that why he is so possessive of them?

Stomper Girl said...

I think those lovely-asset-showing girls paid lots of money to look like that and so I never feel jealous. And Melinda. You are eating the Wrong Sort of Salads too, if a cheeseburger is more appealing. Yecchh.

Fairlie said...

It's obviously not worth the risk of getting between Rob and his pens.

And I agree with need to get yourself some new salads! Or perhaps cheeseburger means something different in your part of the world?

Happy New Year to you!

bluemountainsmary said...

Oh I don't know - cheeseburgers sound OK to me.

Especially now I am resolved not to eat them.

There is a special bermuda triangle for tape and glue. And I wish for fighting children.

Angel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Love ya!

Fairlie said...

is it your BIRTHDAY?!!?!?

Have a happy one!

Aunty Evil said...

Who's birthday? Melinda's?



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